Thursday, March 5, 2009

Madelyn's Sixth Birthday!

Today is Madelyn's birthday...My baby girl is six years old today. This one was a little hard to take. Bronson turned four last month and I could totally see the last four years almost day for day. It felt long. But Madelyn's last six years have been too fast it seems. I don't know how that happens when they overlap with Bronson's but its hard to see her growing up.

Sadly my sweet little girl was sick today. So she couldn't go to her class at school and bring goodies. I think that is something you would look forward to all year. She took care most of the day and just kept asking when it was time for presents. You can still long for fun when you are sick!

We waited until Kaitlyn got home from school and Jeff woke up before going to work tonight. That meant for a long day for her. She did sleep some with Daddy. She also informed us that she should get six presents since she is six years old. We took heed and she had six gifts plus one from Grandma and Grandpa Crockett. They were bonus gifts. She also got a present from Aunt Megan yesterday when we saw her and Grandma Armold's present came in the mail which we hadn't checked until later. Thanks for the special presents.

She got a decorate it yourself t-shirt from the new Barbie Thumbelina movie and the original Thumbelina movie from G&G. We are excited to get coloring on that shirt and make it beautiful and sparkly!
She also asked for a High School Musical jewelry box which she saw and could not live without. But what good is a jewelry box without some jewelry? Not much. So she got some beautiful pieces to put in her box. Including dangly earrings. oooohhhh!

Mom went with the HSM theme and found a cheer leading costume for dressing up. She is still into the dress up thing so it was great and it still fit her since she is a peanut. Dad couldn't be outdone and found a youth size small camo hunting shirt which should last until she is driving.

Cousin Emie had a birthday last week and had the perfect cake...a cupcake cake! So we borrowed this cake pan and made one fit for a six year old including purple frosting and sprinkles. Pink cake inside made it taste delicious!

Even for having some asthma issues today she managed to blow out her candles under par at 3 blows. Good job!

She quickly tried out the cheer uniform and wore it for a while even to go get Kaitlyn from her Activity Days activity and then time for bed she changed into her new pajama shirt as she has deemed it. Good girl. I knew she wouldn't be see in public wearing that thing!
What is Madelyn doing these days?
>She is 3/4 through with Kindergarten and has had a great first year in school. Her teacher is Mrs. Deanna Smith.
>She is quickly learning to read and is always sounding things out around her.
>She JUST learned how to ride her bike without her training wheels!
>She is 38 7/8 inches tall and weighs 29.5 lbs. She wears a size 4/5 in shirts and pants. Size 7 1/2 in shoes.
>She is in the CTR 6 class at church and her teacher is Sister Heather Tregaskes.
>She is an excellent artist and loves to create new master pieces.
To My Madelyn:
I love you little girl. You are a sweet girl who brings us so much joy. You have been a blessing to us since the day you were born. We are glad you have been such a fighter; battling your asthma and allergies like a trooper. I am sorry if my participation in a country dancing youth activity caused my water to break and forced you to be born before you and your little lungs were ready. Thank you for being so strong and determined. You are a smart girl who will someday do wonderful and amazing things for people. You are also kind and sweet hearted. You are a friend to all. I look forward to what the next six years will bring with you. Its always fun and always a surprise. Thank you for coming to our family and making our lives so perfectly blessed.


The Benfield's said...

I cannot believe that she is 6! In my mind she is stuck at 3 years old! She is beautiful just like her mother...actually all your children are beautiful and I miss them. By the way, I love how you have decorated you blog for my birthday ;)

Kimmy said...

Happy Birthday Madelyn! I am sorry I haven't called yet. It's been busy, but I will try and call this weekend! Sorry to hear she was sick, that's not fun! What cute presents! LOve you!

ps. you will be getting a baby shower invite...just for fun...i know your probably won't be able to make it, i just wanted to include you too!

Holly Child said...

Awwww...what a sweet little letter you wrote to her! :o)

Carrick family said...

ohh poor girl! she got sick on her bday. Not fun! She looks like you soo much!!! That is a coolest birthday cake! FUN!

Rachel said...

Madelyn is still such a cutie! And so tiny! :) I had to laugh because Isis isn't even two yet and is 33 inches and 27.5 pounds!! Looks like she may be taking after Jeremy... :) Miss you guys.