Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sad Little Girl

First of all the reason this is being posted a week late is b/c I left my camera cord at my sister's house and didn't get it back until yesterday.

In this pic you can see the raised area near the freckle that is her broken collar bone.
Last weekend we went to Mesa. It was a fun trip and we got to see both my sister and her kids and my brother and his kids (and their spouses too, of course). We were getting ready to leave my brother's house Saturday night at around 9:00 and the kids were outside jumping on the trampoline. We told them to come in and get ready to leave when they decided to play one last round of Kung Fu. Here is what happened according to Kaitlyn.
We were playing Kung Fu and I went up with my leg to kick Ryan and he grabbed my leg and when I came down I hit my chin to my collar bone and then heard a pop. Then she cried.
Well, we really needed to get home b/c Jeff had to work at 5:00am and we don't have any coverage down in Mesa anyway and she had broken her collar bone a couple years ago in Kindergarten. We knew that they would not do anything for her if we took her any where so we comforted her and gave her some Tylenol when we got home three hours later. The next day I found the old sling and put it on her. I had to go to church since it was ward conference and the Primary President would not be there. So I got the other two kids ready and gave her instructions not to let anyone in and I would try to call my parents to come over when their ward was done. At church I was distracted and also overwhelmed. I was worried about Kaitlyn and wondering if my parents had gotten the message to go over. Then they asked me to say the closing prayer in Sacrament Meeting. All I could think was what if my phone goes off while I am praying. After we got Primary going with all the extra people and what not I told the other counselor and the bishopric member what had happened and they told me I could go home. Thank you! So many people came and brought her goodies and cards. It was so sweet for her to know that people care about her. Later Sunday night I asked a friend of ours in the ward (who is a PA) to come over and look to see how bad it was and if we needed to take her in. He said everything we were doing was all we could do and that he had seen worse. We gave her some Motrin for the pain and he and Jeff gave her a blessing.
Its been a week now and she is much better. Unfortunately, with a collar bone break you have to be careful for more than a month after the injury. The last time this happened there was about one week of school left. Now we still have about 15 weeks. She will be sitting out in P.E. and not running around or playing too much at recess probably until Spring Break at least. Poor thing.


Rachel said...

Poor Kaitlyn! That must really hurt!

Thanks for telling me your new URL...I just figured you hadn't posted in a while.

Steven had a meeting today with his boss and his job is secure and everybody in his department is okay too (for never know what they'll do next). I hope that Jeff's job is okay too.

Rachel said...

oh, ouch! And this is the 2nd time?? wow. How are YOU doing?

(your comments crack me up)

The Waits Gate said...

One last time...they always seem like such a great idea! Gavin broke his cb a year ago. those things are a pain! No cast just a sling or whatever. Gavin had this vest thingy to hold his shoulder back in place, but to still move his arm which is good with that child. I hope she recovers soon!

Frasure Family said...

Sad, I am sorry kaitlyn, I hope it heals fast. Good luck to jeff on thurs. hopefully he will keep his job:)