Thursday, February 12, 2009

Three Cheers For Octuplets!

There are other things I wouldn't mind posting about right now but I can't NOT say this.My heart goes out to this poor lady who just gave birth (to eight babies) like two weeks ago and has not had one second of time to do any mothering to any of her children b/c people (read: the media) think its their business how many children she should have. And they want an explanation as to why and how and a million other questions. Umm hello people, "Butt out!" I can't even think of one time turning on the T.V. in the last week and not seeing this lady in a sit down being lectured on how what she did was wrong and selfish and why didn't she just stop at 6 etc. Props to her for being so poised and determined to defend herself and her family. I do hope that she comes out on top and that she manages to be able to support them whatever comes her way.
Here comes a rant:
Look at Ann Curry all holier than thou sitting there judging Nadya Suleman. She accused her of being selfish and thoughtless and reckless when learning of the number of babies she was carrying and not doing anything about it. I am sure these words were fed to her through some lefty controlled teleprompter. So easy for someone who has bags of money and apparently no inner filter to spit out hatred on national television. Lucky for Nadya, she has what they call a heart and love and nurturing in her which is why she should be successful in raising her children. These are things that Ann Curry has either lost or never had. Her nanny probably raised her kids.
All I see is a future in which the government takes control of EVERYTHING and all of a sudden we are forced into limiting the number of children we are allowed to bring into the world. Then what gender of child is acceptable etc. etc. How close are we to that already?
In the mean time let this tired, sweet mother go home...sheesh!


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meghannamarie said...

I agree! I just didn't know how to put how I felt into words. I do feel bad for her knowing she will have sooo many kids to raise I can't stand the 4 I have sometimes! However it was her choice and what is wrong with that there are many other people collecting food stamps that shouldn't deserve it over her! and just because she already has (i think) 2 with disablities, doesn't mean she should never have another child other wise a lot of other people should be under scrutinity! There I am done!

Kimmy said...

actually i disagree with you on this one. it's not just this lady I have a hard time with, but all the people who keep having kids who can't afford them and be good parents. if you knew our budget crisis in california right now, and how they are firing teachers and everyone else left and right because there is NO money, and how there is no money for st loans or grants or anything else for education, and how she, a single mother none the less, decides to have 8 more kids,when she can't afford it irks me, seeing that we are all going to have to pay for it. I can understand 1, 2, 3, but 14 kids you can't pay for? give me a break. you wonder why the kids here are stupid and uneducated, and are having kids left and right because the government can't prioritize and spend it's money properly to educate people. i don't think people should tell people how many kids you should have, but I do think that you should be mindful of your economic situation as a parent, and decide whether you can financially afford having all those children. there are tons of people like her, and i don't agree with any of them. her's just happens to be more publicized. but the kids in schools these days and their parents especially are horrible, and it's really sad because the kids are suffering because of it.