Sunday, February 8, 2009

Getting Ready For Valentine's Day

Well, since Valentine's Day is coming soon I thought I would try out these hair-dos from the Hair Lady. They looked easy and fun. I was just goofing around after the girls got their showers on Saturday night. But after getting them both figured out and taking some time to do it; I thought we should at least show this off. So I re-did a little bit of it this morning and they went to church with heart hair. I am not sure it will be done again later this week, but it turned out cute.

Here is Madelyn's heart hair after church today. It looked a little bit more finished than this before church. She has a hard time sitting still and not climbing on things and rough housing. Oh, and she has of course already changed out of her church clothes back into her pajamas.
Here is Kaitlyn's heart hair. This one took some time and is not the easiest thing to get that heart shape to stay with all the pulling and tugging to do the next part, but I thought it was close enough to a heart to be able to tell what it was. I threaded the ribbon through AFTER the whole thing was done. Next time (yeah right!) I will do it as I go.

Also, we got notices on Friday that the schools will be having their Valentine's Day party on Friday. Which means that we will be needing two boxes and two sets of V-Day cards this time around. Well, I just thought we might try to make our own this year to save on costs. So I found some simple clip art images of V-Day and typed up generic Happy Valentine's Day with to/from and copied one of several images and saved it to the computer. This way we can print it off and the girls can sit and address each one. I am sure I can find some pretty stickers in the house to finish them off.

Hopefully, people won't feel like they have to keep up with some of this extra stuff. Kids won't remember the next day who got home made cards and who got store bought ones. I might make some cookies instead of buying candy too. But we will see. I might just make the cookies for us.

We also have Bronson's birthday on Valentine's Day. Which is why I really want to cut costs. We haven't planned anything yet. Both of us decided that this year birthdays would be smaller than previously. I have a couple ideas for gifts and saw this cake on another blog which I am totally stealing for his birthday. It has four candles so that is why I am stealing it. Bronson will be four.So far every year he has had a heart shaped pink cake for his b-day, but last year Jeff said, "How long are we gonna do that?" I know he just can't handle that his son had pink for his cake but come on he was born on Valentine's Day!
ALSO, one last thing. On Saturday February 14, 2009 at 9:00 A.M. they will be having the Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Gila Valley Temple. That is also the 97th anniversary of Arizona becoming a state. Jeff will be working that day so I have not yet decided if we will be attending. We would have to get there several hours early and wait for it to start. Also in Sunday dress and who knows about the weather. Just our luck it would be raining and cold. Plus we might have to walk quite a ways to the site. I just don't know with three kids, but I haven't ruled out going. I also thought they might need an interpreter which would mean finding someone to take care of the kids before and during. I do think it would be a wonderful opportunity for them to be there. We shall see!


Dan and LaVon said...

I Love the hair So Cute. That cake has Bronson written all over it!
We still miss you!