Sunday, April 26, 2009

Kaitlyn's 9th Birthday!

April 24th 2009!Friday was Kaitlyn's birthday... It was kind of a busy day. She had a kickball game at school but they didn't win so they were eliminated. It was okay though. Later in the day we were able to take in some donuts for her class to share in celebration. It was fun.Kaitlyn has been nicknamed "Hot Wheels" on the kickball field. I guess this is b/c she is such a fast runner. It is pretty cool to see her running to the base after kicking the ball. Jeff has been working on other aspects of the game with her so that she can play a good defense as well. A package arrived for Kaitlyn Thursday afternoon so we let her open it up before school on Friday. It was from Grandma and Grandpa Armold. They sent her a cute card and a High School Musical purse, a cute shirt, and a Gift Card to Walmart. That will be fun to see what she picks out.
After school we opened the rest of the presents which turned out to be an almost completely High School Musical themed party from that point on. She got a couple new outfits just for fun...Then it was "Bring on the HSM!"There was a Troy night light, a HSM digital photo cube, a HSM bulletin board, a Sharpay golf cart and doll, a new HSM jewelry box (matching Madelyn's from her birthday) a ton of HSM and other jewelry for the new box a new HSM watch and I am sure some other stuff I am forgetting.

Here she is posing with all her loot. Madelyn and Bronson got in on the fun as well at the end. P.S. don't mind the crazy hair in these pics. At the beginning of the day she decided she was going to wear a headband with her bangs pulled back (against my wishes for a more secure method of pulling the bangs back all day) by the time we got to her game the headband had been put in her backpack and by the end of school it was some crazy mullet from 1988.
After presents we made quesadillas and packed up to go to Mesa for the weekend. Aunt Megan had made a cake and had ice cream and gotten a present for her too! Thanks Megan. On Monday Grandma and Grandpa Crockett will be celebrating with a special dinner and present. Thanks everyone for celebrating Kaitlyn's special day with us.
What is Kaitlyn doing these days?
* She is almost finished with third grade. Her teacher is Mrs. Melissa Gutierrez.
* She is still an amazing reader and still loves reading most of the time.
* She has made some very good friends at school and is kind to everyone she knows.
* She is moving on up to the older girl stuff and has slowly left the younger girl behind. (ie: she now prefers HSM to the Disney Princess collection~which surprisingly I am okay with).
* She has been taking her growth hormone shots for four months now and has grown a little bit(2cm). At her last appointment the Dr. said that her growth rate had doubled since November. Great news!
* She is 41 1/2 inches tall (105.5 cm) and weighs 38 pounds. Woohoo!
* She wears a size 6 shirt and 5 pants.
* She is in the Valiant 9 class at church and her teacher is Sister Janeen Jones. We love her!
* She is attending the Achievement Days program at church and loves seeing the other girls and doing fun things with them.
* She has started memorizing a few scriptures including monthly Primary theme scriptures and the Articles of Faith.
To My Kaitlyn:
I remember the day you were born. The day after Easter 2000. We were so excited to have you and to start being your parents. You are so special to us b/c you made us parents for the first time and after you were born we were never the same again. It has been fun to watch you grow up and become such a beautiful, smart, young girl. Your personality sparkles with happiness and love. You are so enthusiastic and silly. You are also caring and thoughtful. You notice when people are sad and need a hug or kiss. You are a good example to your younger sister and brother. They look to you for what is the right thing to do. Thank you for being such a good girl. I hope you know that you can do anything you want and that you will always be so special to us. We love you so much.
Mom and Daddy


mahonica (you ugly) said...

I love it mommy

Frasure Family said...

Happy Birthday! What fun presents. I still need to watch HSM. Fun presents! Glad she is growing some and loves to read! I hope we can come visit sometime or atleast meet up sometime this year!

meghannamarie said...

The only reason you are ok with HSM is because you are in love with Zac Efron! Not that I blame you! I hope she had a great day!

Korryn said...

Yay! for Kaitlyn. Happy Birthday...I can't believe your 9 years old were just born!