Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What Makes Kids Happy?

The other night when I got home from class Bronson met me at the door ecstatic. This is slightly unusual. Normally when I get home its more like a halfhearted Hi, Mom as they sit watching the t.v. Apparently they were helping Daddy in the kitchen. This is what Bronson shrieked to me...
B: Mom, guess what were having...
Me: What?
B: Those things YOU eat!
Then he proceeded to describe them to me since he was unaware of the actual name they go by...
B: (continued) two graham crackers, a big marshmallow and CHOCOLATE CHIPS!!!!! (as his excitement is nearly at a bursting limit)
Ahhh yes. I DO eat those (and I don't very often share them with kiddos!~oops)...they are called s'mores!
Speaking of s'mores...isn't it interesting that the person who invented these got the name "s'mores." How is it that nothing had already received that name...? Like I can think of some things that are equally good and probably older than s'mores.
Here's my list:
1) Chocolate covered strawberries
2) Guacamole
3) Homemade bread
4) Fried ice cream
What would your list be?
I know what JEFF would put on HIS list of what should be called s'mores...you know...one thing!


meghannamarie said...

I have no idea...umm maybe
banana split
or maybe not!

Korryn said...

UHHH, Hello!!! One of Jeff's famous shakes of course!!