Friday, April 3, 2009

A New Wedding Gift

Our computer is having difficulty uploading pictures from our camera. Dang communist manufacturing engineers who design things to break every two years or less. Anyway, so I would show you the new bed (mattress) we bought yesterday but I can't upload it. Maybe we can get it figured out by the time Mom finishes our wedding quilt. (Yes you read that right.) We have been married for almost 10 years and my mom has finally almost finished our wedding quilt. It doesn't help that the one I chose 10 years ago was a double wedding ring and had seriously like a million pieces. So about a year ago I decided that we could live with a different quilt pattern and chose a double Irish chain. Not as hard but still time consuming. Plus I changed the colors so we had to go fabric shopping. As if that is a bad thing. Anyway, all that is left is the binding and when that's done we will put it on our new mattress and take a picture. I love getting new stuff. (I feel a tangent coming on: Don't you think people should have anniversary showers? Like when you get married and have a bridal shower, you have no idea what you will need and you register for tons of crap. But after 10 years, you know exactly what you need and shouldn't you be rewarded for lasting that long?)
p.s. I borrowed these pics from the Internet.


Rachel said...

That quilt is going to be awesome. I'm excited to see it. I wish I would have taken advantage of your quilting knowledge better when we were in Colorado. I'm kinda stuck doing 9 patch quilts. But at least I'm doing something, right? :)
I like the anniversary shower idea. Once every 10 years wouldn't be so bad right? (We're coming up on 5 and I can think of some stuff that would be nice... like a box spring.) Maybe we should spread the word and it would catch on... :)

Chris and Ruth said...

I like your idea of Anniversary Showers! I remember talking about this when we were both approaching five years. Your right, now you know what you need and the items you received for wedding gifts are wearing out anyway, so you need another shower :O)

raedene said...

Too bad we aren't neighbors! We could give each other anniversary showers! People would come...., right?!?

Amy said...

I LOVE this idea! What did I know when I was registering at 19? NOTHING!

And beautiful quilts . . . are the colors similar?