Saturday, May 2, 2009

More Gems From Bronson

Today we were at my parents house so Jeff could sleep and Bronson just kept saying the funniest things...Again!

As the kids rushed into Mom and Dad's house they each gave hugs to Mom.
Mom: Bronson, do I get a hug?
Bronson: Ya! Oh sorry for tramping on your foot.

Bronson: (trying to shove his foot into his boot~stomp, stomp stomp)
Me: Bronson, it's on the wrong foot.
B: Is that why it won't go in?

Later, Bronson made a quick trip out to the backyard and then back inside again. As he was coming back in...
Bronson: I was just giving the flowers some love.
Me: (seriously what?) You were giving the flowers love?
B: Yep, so they can grow bigger.

Bronson wanted to go outside again to look for treasure...
Dad: Bronson, come here.
Bronson: (going to Grandpa)
Dad: I found the treasure right here (hugging Bronson).
B: No, I'm not the treasure. I don't have a key hole in my tummy.

Bronson was dancing around the other day...
Jeff: Bronson, do you need to go to the bathroom?
Bronson: How can you see inside me?

I told Bronson to put on his shoes so we could leave. He, I guess, did not like this. Plus, they were on the wrong feet so he had to do it again. All the while babbling to himself...
Bronson: If I get to 5, I will never smile again.

On Mother's Day at church, the Primary president asked Bronson what some things are that I do for him...
Bronson: (thinking~for a long time)
Primary President: (helping him out) Does she feed you?
B: No!

We went on a family walk after dinner one night and walked by a canal that runs along a path...We warned the kids to stay away from the edge so they wouldn't fall in.
Me: Bronson, you can't walk that close because if you fall in you would drown. If you drown, you die and you can't live with us any more. You have to live in Heaven.
Bronson: Ya! Or else in the very bottom of that ditch.

How can you not LOVE that kid!


meghannamarie said...

sometimes I wonder what is going on in that child's mind...he is so funny!

Marisa said...

That is so cute! I love kids at that age. They come up with the funniest things to say. All your kids are adorable!

raedene said...

So, I just read the last four posts, and could I just say that I LOVE reading your blog? You always cheer me up with your wit and all the cute things you say. Not to mention the cute pix of your kids... Tell everyone hi for us! Love you tons!