Friday, May 1, 2009

An Anniversary For Us!

Jeff and I got engaged 10 years ago tonight. It was after his cousin Jaren's wedding in Denver which I rode out with some other cousins from Provo to see. After the LONNNGGG festivities of the day ie: wedding, luncheon, reception, clean up etc...And a quick trip to Fort Collins and back we drove over to the Temple which was closed up at that point. I think it was around 11:00pm. It was raining the entire day and Jeff said he would have preferred to do something big and outdoorsy but he didn't want to wait anymore. He got on his knees in the driver's seat of the Jimmy and pulled out a CTR ring since I had not found an engagement ring that I liked (cheesy I know but I still have it!) and proposed. I said yes and that was that.


meghannamarie said...


Amber Nish said...

How funny!! You got engaged the night we got married!! Happy 10th anniversary to both of us:)

Kimmy said...

wow i can't believe its been 10 years already. i remember when we went to hawaii that summer and we were always for you two to emerge from your hotel and now you have a 9 year old! congrats. we're only 7 years behind you!
thank you for the package. he wore the outfit the next day already. it still fits good. he's up to over 8 pds already!
tell jeffy and the kids hi. we miss you and love you guys!