Friday, June 5, 2009

Okay I'm Over It!

Now that I am over the whole dead-fish-on-my-porch treachery, I can post about the fun that was had whilst fishing on the top of the mountain.

The kids each have their own fishing rods which usually don't get used for real fishing. Jeff will let them practice casting while he makes his way around a lake. However, the regulations for fishing this lake were that kids under 12 (or maybe 10) were free. So he formulated a "fishing trip for the kids" which would also allow him to "fish" without having to pay anything.
After about an hour of catching nothing, they finally started biting. He somehow worked it so that each kid caught two fish.
Madelyn was the only one who would touch the dead fish. Of course, this little girl would do anything to impress her daddy and keep him right where she wants him. He is wrapped around her finger.
And there was some excitement when one of the other parties of fishermen saw this little bear cub approaching. All he was interested in was catching some of the dead fish along the shoreline, but that didn't stop some of the other idiot fishermen from trying to get in closer for a picture. They finally backed off after some coaxing from their friends/family. He made his way around most of the lake and Jeff snapped this picture (from a good distance).


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My kids love fishing too...I wish Steven would take them more often so I can have some peace and quiet :)