Saturday, June 6, 2009

Megan, You Should Have Come

I never thought I would see the day, but it happened today.

My mom made an impulsive decision and bought a pool.

They have a slab ready for a future gazebo, but it was calling for something to keep us cool this summer. Bam! She was sold!

It took some time to figure out the instructions and of course the kids were super excited. As soon as we got it laid out and ready for water, we let them in.

It took more than four hours for it to fill up but they had fun wading around in it until then.

We took a short time out for lunch and passed the time by watching a movie (b/c of the rule~wait 20 minutes after eating before going swimming). That was agonizing for them b/c they could see that it was almost full.

Finally, we got back in and let it fill the rest of the way while playing around. My kids are small enough that it was practically swimming anyway. And I also put the camera away by that time so we don't have any pics of the real fun we had playing in a filled up swimming pool. Which by the way would have included pics of MOM (Grandma Crockett) herself having a grand ol' time. The last one is after we put the cover on and tucked her in for the night.
Seriously, an awesome day!


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Jen said...

So fun! Your kids are going to love it this summer! My brother and I used to make a whirlpool when we had ours up in Globe. Just have the kids walk around the pool (in the same direction of course) and a whirlpool will form. It's way fun! Enjoy!