Monday, June 8, 2009

Prognosis Positive

Kaitlyn saw an ENT Dr. this morning. We have been worrying about her b/c she goes through these periods of time where her hearing is terrible. Most of the time it happens when she is sick and has built up wax inside her ear...We usually take her in to see the Dr. and they clean it out and put her on some antibiotics and a couple days later she is hearing better again. Its just the loss of her hearing is so bad at these times that we have been worried. The Dr. referred us to an ENT and he checked her out today.
She's fine. He said that if it only happens a couple times a year that she is in no danger of losing her hearing in the future. Even having Turner Syndrome (which includes the possibility of having some hearing loss) it seems that she is in the clear.
Yes. Jeff asked a ton of questions. We took all of her previous hearing tests that she has had done with us so he could take a look at them. He said that those test results back up what he said about being fine.
In the back of my mind ever since I served my mission I have wondered if I would have a deaf or hard-of-hearing child. When we were bringing all of this up to the Dr. in the very beginning and asking for a referral, I said that if she loses her hearing its fine b/c I can sign and the rest of us can learn...The Dr. thought that was so sweet but not the right answer. This whole time I have been thinking that if it were to happen we would just throw our hands up and say...okay start signing. But she said that there are ways to determine the problem and then help it whatever the case may be. That thought had never entered my mind.
I am relieved. We love Kaitlyn and everything about her. Its nice to know that we can just take her in and have her ears cleaned out a couple times a year.


Korryn said...

Yay for's so great when the doctor tells you everything is fine.

meghannamarie said...

That is great news...although I was hoping for the extra push to learn sign language...Just Kidding! And when she is having a hard time hearing I will have to remember to talk loudly to her!

Frasure Family said...

That is great news. it is nice to see a specialist though, because you can trust their answers. This morning we took Mason to the allergist, because he wheezes and coughs and we thought he already has ashtma, but he said he doesn't. It was a relief.
I have wondered too if I will have a child with mental illness, or learning disbility or something since I have worked with those kinds of kids before.