Friday, June 26, 2009

Ten Years Of LOVE!

Today is our tenth anniversary. I am happy to say that we still love each other and get along like we just met. Sort of. Jeff and I have a unique way of getting along. If you ask my family members they would tell you that we fight a lot. But its our way of communicating. Rarely when we "fight" is it serious. And when it is it doesn't last long. This is in stark contrast to when we first got married and had to figure each other out whilst me being pregnant with Kaitlyn. (I got pregnant with her about a month after we married.) It was very hard. But we stuck it out and I think we have done a pretty good job together.
Here's a brief timeline for our last ten years:
3/28/99 Jeff and I meet for the first time spend the rest of the day together
3/29-4/1 99 Jeff and I go on a road trip to Idaho with his sisters.
4/1/99 We had our first kiss
5/1/99 Jeff proposes to me and I of course say yes!
6/26/99 Jeff and I are married in the Mesa AZ temple
7/1/99 We moved to Colorado after a quick honeymoon to Flagstaff.
4/24/2000 Kaitlyn Mackenzie Hatch is born.
3/5/2003 Madelyn Ava Hatch is born.
2/14/2005 Bronson Ryder Hatch is born.
7/1/2006 After exactly seven years, we move to AZ for a fresh start and a better life!
7/2/2007 We signed on our first house.
6/26/09 Ten years of wedded bliss!
I know the next ten years will be even better than these first ten have been and I am looking forward to what they have to offer us.

p.s. As an unplanned anniverary gift Jeff announced to me that the mine is now allowing overtime work again! This is a HUGE blessing and I couldn't have asked for a better "gift."


Rachel said...

Happy Anniversary! Our 12 year is on June 28th! That's very good news about the mine allowing overtime again (not that Steven can get overtime) but that shows things are getting better! YEAH!

Marisa said...

Wow, married just three months after meeting--that's a speedy courtship! Then again, mine was only about 7 months, so not much longer. Congratulations on ten years.

Kandice and Rob said...

Yay!! I liked reading your timeline. :) Yours was one of the few "roommate" receptions I was actually home to go to.

Congratulations on 10 years. You guys are super-cute.

And yay about overtime! Cha-ching!

Laura said...


Chris and Ruth said...

Happy Ten Year Anniversary!

That overtime is going to be nice, I am happy for you.

raedene said...

Happy anniversary! And tell Jeff happy birthday! You guys are so great! We're lucky to call you our friends...

Adrienne said...

Happy Anniversary guys! Hey-- you forgot to add that crazy family trip to Hawaii on your timeline! :) I think that might have been the first time we all got to meet you. That must have been fairly crazy from your perspective! Glad it didn't scare you off. :)