Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Girls Day Out

On Saturday August 1st Grandpa Crockett took Bronson for some manly man time...Bronson was ready to go with his "Naps Are The Enemy" T-shirt and they had a day of fun just Grandpa and Grandson.

At the same time this was going on another gathering took place with just the girls. Grandma Crockett took ALL the girls to go see the theatre production of High School Musical!!!! I'll just let that sink in for a minute!

Broadway Palms West is a local dinner theatre in Mesa (not local for us eastern AZ peeps but, you know) which does touring musical shows along with buffet style food. It was awesome. Can I just say Boston Cream Pie...YUMMY! This was a treat for the girls and they were so happy that they have such a great grandma! You Rock, G!

At intermission we HAD to take pics in the East High lockers next to Troy and Gabriella. We also HAD to buy HSM T-shirts to show our school spirit. Pics of those later!

After the play was finished (it was their final matinee performance for the tour with the final evening performance being later that night) the entire cast came out for pictures and autographs...just like yearbook day! Here's Coach Bolton who is so nice. And here are some extra Wildcats who we also really like.

Next was Jack Scott who was new from the movies and he was soooo funny. We like him the best. Who knew the nerdy type can be so cool? He's with Kelsie who was so awesome playing her piano...I mean rocking out on her piano!

We love you Jack and Kelsie!

THEN CAME TROY AND GABRIELLA!!!!! They even let all three girls take a pic TOGETHER! They are such sweeties and such a cute couple. LOVE THEM! Ryan even loves them!

Chad was so funny and his smile is great! Ryan made everyone laugh and was really nice. We like him too.

This guy was the boy who says he plays the cello. Man he could rock that (air) cello!
Well, we just LOVED it! Thanks so much for the perfect summer day Grandma Crockett! You are awesome! We love you so much!
P.S. Keep In Touch! BFFs
Oh also the report after coming home was that Bronson and Grandpa also had a great time...Bronson got to go see Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs which he has not stopped talking about since he heard it was coming out this spring. Thanks Grandpa Crockett! You Rock too!


Rachel said...

How Fun! I wish I had known about the HSM show...Carlee would have loved it.

Korryn said...

Wow!! What AWESOME grandparents!

meghannamarie said...

It was a great day! Mom made a great chice on taking us to BP. Great pictures Monica!

meghannamarie said...

Yes I know I spelt Choice wrong...whatever!

Amy Allred said...

Hey Monica! I came across your blog and thought "hey, I know her!" It was really good to talk to you the other night and get to know you guys! We should def. stay in touch and get together sometime! You know for the boys ;) (the big boys!)