Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunbeam Moments!

Today Bronson gave his first talk in Primary. He was so cute this morning getting ready. We put his suit coat on him and combed his hair extra nice! He seemed to know it was all for his presentation! When the time came for him to go up, Jeff went with him to help. Jeff would whisper what to say in his ear and Bronson said it exactly how we practiced at home. Then I saw that Jeff would whisper in his ear and Bronson would whisper back to him and they would go back and forth a few times before Bronson would actually say his next line. After church I asked Jeff what was going on when Bronson was whispering back to him...He said that Bronson was telling him that he didn't want to say that part right now! Luckily, I guess, Jeff won that argument because he gave the rest of his talk exactly as it was planned out! He is so funny! We love all the crazy, funny things he says all the time! Good job, Bronson on your first Primary talk!
(Picture coming soon!)


meghannamarie said...

Bronson is funny! He is such a buger!

Laura said...

SO cute! Love those talk days!