Saturday, October 24, 2009

Kids, Kids, Kids...

Here are some funny conversations I have had with the kids recently:

Madelyn this morning after eating breakfast (she's always hungry right after eating): Mom, am I allergic to {sneakers}?
Me: (thinking~what could she be talking about?...oh!) You mean Snickers??? Yes, you are allergic.

Bronson (after I told the kids they could watch a movie): Mom, I wanna watch "Sweeper By The Dozen"!
Me: We don't have that movie. We have "Cheaper By The Dozen"!

I took the kids to EAC to watch a drama production of "The Emperor's New Clothes." Right after the new clothes were revealed ...
Madelyn: (with wonder) They're invisible!
Bronson: (with practicality) Its just a hanger!


meghannamarie said...

Ok I like them in this order
#1 is Madelyn's sneakers that is funny
#2 is Bronson it's just a hanger
#3 is Bronson Sweeper
They are all funny!