Wednesday, November 4, 2009

She Keeps Growing

Kaitlyn had another Dr.'s appointment in Mesa last week and she has grown another inch (plus) since July! That makes more than four inches for the year. I am so glad these shots are working for her and that she is catching up on some much needed growth. It looks like we should be able to do these shots for several more years based on her growth plates and bone age...That will be great to get her as "tall" as we can!
The Dr. did notice that she has uneven hips and took a closer look at her legs. We discovered that Kaitlyn has one leg that is longer than the other; only by about half an inch though. We need to bring it up with the regular Dr. sometime and then maybe see an orthopaedic Dr. to talk about getting a lift for her shoe and any other possibilities.
We really like her Endocrinologist. He seems just right to work with kids and help them with their issues without making them feel different. Kaitlyn, I think, likes him too; which is good since she will be seeing him probably until she is about 18!


The Waits Gate said...

That's amazing! I'm glad it's helping her! You guys sure have been through a lot with your kids and medical issues. You're great parents. It has to be stressful.

meghannamarie said...

She is going to be taller than you soon!

Adrienne said...

Awesome! 4" in one year is great for anyone! One thing's for sure, her clothes will always be in style- you must have to shop all the time. :)