Monday, December 14, 2009

So Cute!

Several week ago my kids started asking us if they could write letters to Santa. Half~hearted, I finally let them and didn't really supervise anything. Not too long after, the kids came to me with a sealed envelope. They said that they had each written their letter to Santa and had put it inside and it was ready to send. Kaitlyn had even addressed it and somehow convinced Jeff to give her a stamp. It truly was ready to go! I made them put it on the piano to wait until I could somehow figure out what they had written down etc... A couple days later they had written all new letters and sealed them up in a new envelope and Kaitlyn had put a rubber stamp in the corner this time. So I was looking it over and went to the piano to get the other one and it was nowhere to be seen.
I asked the kids and none of them knew where it was. At the time we were heading out to school so we went outside and Kaitlyn made a bee line for the mail box and put the other letter inside. I thought Great! Now we have one without a a real stamp in the mail and another one with a real stamp MIA! Jeff and I have no idea what was written on either of these sets of letters.

Today Kaitlyn go a letter in the mail. The return address simply stated "Santa." No way! When we picked her up from school she opened it up to find a letter from Santa addressing her letters to him! (When Kaitlyn had addressed the envelopes she only put her name in the return address area even though they all had individual letters inside.) I just have to say that that is seriously one of the cutest things that has ever happened here! I am just thrilled. Me! Not to mention the kids!

Here is what the letter said:

North Pole

Dear Kaitlyn,

Thank you for your letter. Mrs. Claus and I love to get letters from all good boys and girls.

Things are very busy here at the North Pole. My elves are working night and day to get ready for Christmas. They are taking lots of hot chocolate and cookie breaks to keep them going. Rudolph is helping the other reindeer to shine their antlers and get ready for the big night. I hope it snows...

My goodness! What are you going to do with 3 pair of ice skates? You can only wear 1 pair at a time you know. We'll see what Santa can find in his bag for you.

Remember to be good and be nice to your family and be sure and help Bronson. I mustn't forget about Maddie either.




Amy Allred said...

That is seriously the coolest thing EVER!!! So did you figure out who ever did it?

Rachel said...

How fun that somebody would do that! (I mean that Santa had time to write back :)

Stacy Wilson said...

Wow, thats freaking sweet!! I am having my class write letters and than the 6th grade is responding to them . . . hehe. and i left sticky notes for the 6th graders telling them about the naughty kids!! LOL. Good times!! :)

Korryn said...

I love it when that happens...which by the does in Ft. Collins if you can believe it. The boys have received letters in return from santa for that past few years and they love it!

meghannamarie said...

That is so fun I really want my kids to try it but I am afraid that the post office will return it and charge me insufficient funds! said...

The kids say, "AWESOME!" What kid wouldn't, right? Here we just have big drop box for all of Santa's letters.