Friday, December 11, 2009

I Seriously Need To Post!

We have been pretty busy around here doing different things. I noticed I never posted about Thanksgiving, so I should probably start there.
Thanksgiving was great! We went to Mom and Dad's, of course. They had all the other Crockett's over: my Uncle Jon and Aunt Leslie and their kids Kendra and Monty (and their kids)and Kensey and Kade. Plus Grandma Crockett and Aunt Virginia and Aunt Kim were there too. None of my brothers or sister came with their families because they are all coming for Christmas, but we live locally so we got to see all the cousins. It was great. The food rocked!Jeff said it was okay for me to go shopping the day after Thanksgiving in Mesa with my sister, Megan. This is HUGE since I actually had a deer tag that started that day. But luckily, so did my dad and Jeff was able to live vicariously through Dad the first day of the hunt! Jeff did not have a deer tag this year. Megan and I did not brave the crowds early in the morning. We waited to leave until all the sales were actually going on and still had to weave in and out of traffic on the roads and in the stores. We had fun and were very tired at the end of the day. No pictures of this though (I can't ruin any surprises we might have!)
The week after Thanksgiving Jeff took off work so he could help Dad and me with our hunts. truth be told, if it were not for Jeff both of us might have thrown in the towel on day one! Sadly though, neither of us filled our tag. We didn't even see anything. Not a thing! I won't be putting in for the hunt next year! I bet Dad won't either. Sorry Jeff! December 1st someone called and came over to look at our piano; which we have been trying to sell. It was too big for our house and we didn't use it as much as we should have. This guy was sold at first sight. He wanted to get it for his wife for their anniversary (I totally know, right). Tuesday they brought a crew of about five guys and loaded it up and hauled it away. We no longer have the piano; which is sad, but it went to a nice family (who turned out to be cousins of ours) and who will use it and I have more space in my front room again. We saved the money and will use it in the future for an upright piano; which takes up less space.Also the week after Thanksgiving was my 35th birthday! Yay! I know. Well, aside from going hunting in the morning and getting tired and sore from that, it was a great day. We went out to lunch. Jeff took me to a movie and Mom and Dad watched the kids. Then we had red velvet birthday cake after and Jeff gave me my gift: Bones season 4 on BLU-RAY! I guess that means we are getting a blu-ray player for Christmas! I can't wait for all the extra special features etc. Thanks Jeffie! Mom, also got me a new temple dress since our new temple here will not have clothing rental as an option. I am excited to use it soon. My Grandma Crockett also crocheted me a "Grand-daughter Doily" which is beautiful! I love it! Thanks Grandma!

The day after my birthday (Friday), we decided not to send the girls to school and went down to Mesa for another weekend of shopping and fun with the kids. We actually had a surprise for the girls. We took them ice skating at a place in Gilbert. They had no idea and were adorable when we told them. We stopped by Megan's house first to pick her and her daughter up to join us. It was a great girly activity. They all actually did a great job picking it up. I thought we would come home with more bruises than we did! There was an ulterior motive for this activity...the girls have been obsessing about ice skating for a couple months now. They have asked for nothing but ice skates and the movie Ice Princess for Christmas and have not stopped talking about it in the longest time since Adam. So I thought that if they experienced how hard it was and got a taste of it they would pipe down and think of something else to ask for. Total backfire!They loved it and did very well. They did agree that since our backyard is mostly concrete it might be better to get some roller blades and occasionally go to the place in Gilbert for some ice skating, but that thought was also fleeting. We will see what happens on Christmas morning!While we were in town, Megan's ward was having their Christmas party so we crashed it with them and had some good breakfast. Not too many wards have their Christmas party at 8:00am. I thought it was great! The entertainment was also awesome!We also did a little more Christmas shopping while we were there and I got to go to Toby Keith's new restaurant for my birthday! Woohoo! It was exactly what you would expect for a bar and grill and I was not disappointed. The food was good and now I can check that off of my to-do list! This week has been busy. I am trying to finish up my Christmas crafts and quilts. Plus trying to get the last of the shopping done. I am excited for Christmas coming up and look forward to some relaxation as well. Sorry about the long post but now you know where I have been! Pictures coming soon!


meghannamarie said...

Love the post Monica! I am jelous though...I want a Grand-daughter doily!!! Can't wait for the pics of the ice skating adventure!