Friday, November 27, 2009

A Lifetime Of Gratitude...

Thanksgiving pictures will arrive soon:

Yesterday was Thanksgiving 2009. It was a wonderful and peaceful day. But what I want to post about is from Sunday in Relief Society.

We have the BEST "musical moment" sister ever! Every week she takes us on an adventure of learning involving music and the gospel and life! I happen to love her just a little bit extra because we were visiting teaching partners for two years! She is in her eighties (I think!) and is as vivacious as the day is long!

This past Sunday in anticipation of Thanksgiving, her "moment" involved the Thanksgiving hymn (I am not sure what the actual title is) "For health and strength and daily bread..." We sang it as a round in Primary long ago. I am not sure how much it is sung these days. Her point was that in this hymn we give thanks for three things: health, strength and daily bread. She had come up with more for her list and made a second and third verse. We were to guess the things she decided were important enough to make it into the song. I guessed family which was one and the other two were life and home. The third verse she made up included being grateful for knowledge and for truth and right; because truth alone isn't always good. Some truths can still be harmful, so she added "right".

Then she said that this list can be added unto by each of us for the rest of our lives. Each time we are stuck in a red light or at a stop sign or are waiting in a Dr.'s office we can be thinking of more things that we can be grateful for and add them to our song. As simple as this is, at the moment it was profound! Thank you so much Sister Wheeler for your dedication to your calling and your wonderful thoughts and wisdom!

For health and strength and daily bread,
We praise thy name, oh, Lord!

For life and home and family,
We praise thy name, oh, Lord!

For knowledge and for truth and right,
We praise thy name, oh, Lord!