Friday, January 8, 2010

That Kid, He Cracks Me Up!!!!!

Okay, so in order to tell the funny part of this story, I have to give some detail on what leads up to the have been warned. I will try to be short. (stop laughing)

So Bronson and I were bored yesterday and decided to go visit Grandpa before picking up the girls from school. When we got there we knocked and waited for him to come to the door. After a few minutes we let ourselves in. I looked around and couldn't find Dad anywhere and thought we should just go home. Bronson wanted to look a little more thoroughly. So we looked in each bedroom, one bathroom (the one I was sure he wouldn't be using), in the garage, etc. Then I said we should go out and look in his office. I could see from the kitchen window to the office and didn't see any lights on. As we were heading out to the office, I noticed that the back door was locked (both the dead bolt and the door knob) I figured Dad wasn't out in the office if the door was locked as such...

I said, "Grandpa isn't out in the office. Lets go home."
Bronson said, "What? How do you know? Do you have X-rated vision?"
ba dum bum ching

Thats why we keep him around folks!