Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bronson Turns Five!

Today is Bronson's birthday. He is five. I can't believe it has been five years since I was pregnant and having our last baby! I am so glad we ended up having a boy! I was petrified to have one and it was no problem at all. I loved him instantly and he has grown on me every day since!
For the last few weeks Bronson has come into our room every morning and ask how many more days until his birthday. We have been counting down the days and this morning he came in and asked us again. We said it was today and he got so excited! He went to wake up the girls (GRRR) and tell them it was here!
He got breakfast burritos with sausage (a very important detail) for breakfast. And after church he got tuna sandwiches for dinner. This was his menu for the day. He is so funny, but I wasn't complaining. It was easy! We invited family over for a little party and had cake and ice cream. He wanted a kung fu cake which I thought was impossible but found the toys to put on top. He got some new "Land Before Time" dvds and a new dinosaur toy or two. Grandma got him some roller blades so now he can keep up with the girls!
He is so smart and really loves life. You can tell because he rarely settles down. He is always bounding into one room from another. He sings and dances and enjoys himself immensely! We are thrilled to have him. We can't wait for what's next!
Happy 5th Birthday Bronson! We love you!
I will take a pic of him soon to post with this post...unfortunately I didn't take any pics on his birthday!


Frasure Family said...

Happy Birthday Bronson! Glad I could talk a few minutes with ya!