Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day!

Well, after not posting anything for a few weeks I now have a post a day for a few days! Since Bronson was born on Valentine's Day, we basically have to set aside V-day as secondary in our house. It is no problem since it probably wouldn't be all that much most of the time, but it is still a little hard to push to the back of my mind sometimes! Sadly, taking pictures was not a big part of either B's birthday or V-day this year!

For V-day I got each kid a little stuffed toy and a box of candy (actually the candy was from my mom). I don't do a whole lot b/c that wouldn't be fair for B's birthday. We all dressed in red, pink and such for church (including Jeff in the pink shirt~again).

Jeff got a card this year and some candy!

I was shocked, SHOCKED a few days before when he came to me and asked what I wanted for Valentine's day. I can't remember the last time he asked me this! Of course, I had nothing (being caught off guard like that). After a few minutes I came up with a few suggestions. I was also thinking Do I have to get him something? He said he didn't need or want anything. I took that seriously and left it at that. Everything I asked for was something that would have to wait until after V-day anyway so I wasn't counting on anything.

Sunday morning, we were sleeping in since church is at 1:00 for us. Jeff reaches into his side table and pulls out a paper and hands it to me. Its dark in our room, my eyes are still adjusting, the print is small (I notice right away it is not a card)! I saw some numbers and a symbol... After seriously five minutes of him suffering while I tried to adjust my eyes and piece together what this paper said (which was secretly fun for me as I could tell Jeff was anxious), I finally said I see 12 or 22 or 72 + inches and Veyo something... Jeff said 32 inches... I looked again and put some more together...Then I guessed the whole thing Is it 32 inch Vizio flat screen TV??? Yes it was! This will be perfect for our bedroom. I was surprised and amazed that he would do that. It was not something I asked for and it was not something we were planning on any time soon. Thanks Jeff I can't wait 'til it gets here. Oh yeah, he handed me the print off page from ordering it from the night before! Later I said to him that we could share this one since I got him basically nothing...he laughed and I added That also means you can share your candy!~wink~


Gwen Crockett said...

Sounds like a pretty good valentines present! :-) Dan told me about your fire alarm story. That's pretty awful. Fire alarms are never good, it seems.

Frasure Family said...

nice...i thought about being eric a tv for out bedroom, except I don't know really how to pick one out and we would have to do, so then it wouldn't be a surprise!

Amy Allred said...

What a guy!!