Friday, March 5, 2010

Madelyn's 7th Birthday!

Today is Madelyn's 7th birthday! I can't believe it. Last year she was sick on her birthday and we almost thought it would be the same again this year because of her asthma, but we have been managing it closely and she was able to go to school.I remembered about this shirt yesterday so I went looking for it for her to wear today. It was right on top of the spring/summer clothes I was planning to get out next week! Yay!

We had a little family party since Jeff had to work tonight. We had just enough time to open gifts and eat some dinner before he had to leave. I saw these little chihuahua toys at the Walmart and thought they were cute. Our kids love chihuahuas. Don't ask me why! She loved it. Plus there are three so she can share! But will she???New flip thing she had on her list! Jeff picked out the color. Not my first choice but whatever! She is happy!Jeff convinced her that she needed some new hunting socks. Last night when she was rattling off her list to me again, she said "hunting socks" and I thought this kid is truly brainwashed!We recently rented "Charlie & The Chocolate Factory" from Netflix and the kids loved it. I actually thought it was pretty good too! So when I saw it for $5 at Target I picked it right up and then I remembered that Feeney was having a birthday soon so I put it aside for that! Nice!New swimsuit! That she did NOT ask for but was very excited about!Littlest Pet Shop toy... I have no idea about the appeal of these things but she asked for it. I just hope she doesn't get a dozen more with her gift card and money from the grandmas! hahaShe asked for at least five or six necklaces... I looked at the little girls ones and they all looked crappy so this one is actually from the ladies section. She loves the pink! And yes! She only got one! Sheesh!Opening the cards from the grandmas while Daddy brought in her big gift... I caught her expression just in time!A new big bike for our little girl who is getting bigger! Kaitlyn said, "It's an 18 incher!" That was funny!She asked for a chocolate cake with cherry frosting. As I was making it, it smelled just like my mom's homemade chocolate covered cherries. I sprinkled some pink crystals in the shape of a flower on the top but it doesn't look all that great!
What is Madelyn up to now?
She is in first grade. Her teacher is Mrs. Mindy Wilson and if I might speculate just a smidgen... I think she might be the teacher's pet...just sayin'! She actually calls her "Maddie" which is a bit of a sore spot for Jeff and me but what're you gonna do?
She is leading her class in about everything they do! She totally exceeds all the benchmarks set forth for her age bracket! We are proud of her for that!
She is in the CTR 6 class at church now. They changed it this year so its the age you are on January 1st. She loves her teachers and she is a good girl in church!
She wears size 5 in most of her clothes. She wears a size 9 in shoes.
She loves Littlest Pet Shop (LPS) toys. She loves little animals. She loves doing things with Jeff. She is his little shadow. I think she will end up being the hunter more than the other two kids.
She is learning to deal with her asthma. We have figured out a good system for managing it; which is good. Hopefully, she will eventually grow out of it so she can function normally.
Well, we love you Madelyn! We are so glad you are a part of our family!


Amber Nish said...

How sweet! Grace will be 7 on April 3rd, and she even got that exact same bike last year for her birthday!! Reading this I kept thinking how much Madelyn and grace sound alike, and they certainly do! Right until you got to the part about what size she wears! Grace wears a size 7, and is in a size 1 in shoes! My kids are so huge! My 2.5 year old wears a size 4 and is in a size 9 shoe! Obviously, Ryan and I were never gonna have little kids..but sometimes I am reminded of how big they really are! I hope she enjoys her new bike, and all of the other fun things she got!

meghannamarie said...

Looks like she had the "perfect" birthday! I little of everything always goes a long way! Good job on the expression picture that was awesome! Happy Birthday Madelyn!

raedene said...

Your family is gorgeous, Monica! We miss you guys!
My brother is really thinking of going down to Thatcher for school, so maybe we'll come for a visit! :)

Shannon Harris said...

OKay girl.. I'm adding you onto my blogging friends list. -Shans