Saturday, October 30, 2010


Madelyn and Bronson started soccer in late August. This was their first time playing any organized sports so it has been fun!! I usually laugh at (they don't hear me, lol) Bronson's team because they are hilarious to watch in practice and at games as the five and six year olds try to catch toads and kick the soccer ball into the wrong goal. Both Bronson and Madelyn made progress in the last couple months dribbling, controlling and shooting the ball. They both scored several goals (I bribed them with a dollar for each goal scored, lol) during the season. Bronson's last game was today and ended in a 0-7 record (can't go up from there! LoL), and Madelyn's team is at 5-2 with one more game next week.
Bronson in action (#4)

It is a little hot in September here!

Madelyn's team (the "bears")

Madelyn in action (also #4)

The 'Yahoos'


The Waits Gate said...

Thanks Jeff miss your family! Sports keep you busy especially when their on seprate teams!

Frasure Family said...

Thanks for the posts. I wish we could come to games. Mason loves soccer and is going to be quite a player someday. The kids are getting so big!! Miss ya tons!

raedene said...

I'm so glad that you're alive!!! :) I love the soccer pics. It's so fun to watch them play! And the hunting. Love it! Your kids are getting so big! Cute, cute!!!!