Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Why I Love Bronson (aka: "Tubby")

I love Bronson because he is my baby...it took me a long time to be comfortable with the thought of having a boy, but as soon as he was born those fears left me. I truly thought it might take some time. Then I was pleasantly surprised by myself when I loved him from the first moment(pat on the back for me). I think that is the entire basis for me loving him. He has a sweet heart and personality. He loves women which is weird for me. If he sees any woman he will turn on the charm. Its good because otherwise we might not know how he feels. He does play princess dress up and My Little Pony a lot but at least he likes to flirt with women. Whew! He recently started this thing where he shakes his booty...he squats down real low and then shakes it from side to side. It hilarious! You never know what he is going to do next. I love his fits. They make me laugh which of course ruins the effect he is going for but he can pout with the pros. I love him. My sweet little boy.


Holly said...

It's crazy how similar our families are...I too was unsure of having a little boy! And to be perfectly honest, somedays I still am! LOL! He is so different from the girls and is into EVERYTHING!! Ugh! But like you were saying...I love him, and I can't imagine my life without a little boy too! My Jeff gets so mad though when A plays with the girls' toys! HA! What can you expect, that's what he's surrounded with! ;o)