Monday, November 19, 2007

Why I Love "Feeny"

What better time to write about why I love Madelyn so much than when I am mad at here goes...
First of all, I will explain the nickname "Feeny." When she was a baby we called her "Teeny Weeny Madeleeny" Then later we rhymed it with T.W. M Beeny, Feeny, Kajeeny...etc. and the Feeny stuck... She has many other nicknames as well...
I love Madelyn because she is the cutest little thing. Seriously its hard to look at her and have evil thoughts. When she was a baby (and she was a very good baby) I would just look at her and think how cute she was and she could do no wrong...That must have influenced her because now she gets away with murder. And all she has to do is flash that smile.
She is a good big sister to Bronson. On days when I have a lot to do, she will be in there playing with him and bossing him around. He loves it, of course. I have on occasion found them wrestling for the power (like who gets to choose what they play)...They're going at it like pros on the mat. He outweighs her by two pounds now but she's not afraid.
She's "mini me." Its hard to admit but how can I not love someone who is me all over again 28 years later? I am sure that everything she does, I did when I was that age and my parents probably felt the same way about me. Pure love; no doubt. No frustration or helplessness at all.
She tries to be like Kaitlyn. She looks up to her. Then she acts the way Kaitlyn does to her with Bronson.
She's very smart.
She's feisty. My little spitfire!
She is like a little rag doll. She is so pretty but she plays in the mud and you can just flop her around because she is so small. When I pick her up, I still think she has fallen apart and I have to be careful.
Well, that's it...yeah, I am not even mad at her any more even though she still hasn't found my ribbon. Some day I will find yet another treasured secret hiding place with my special pink ribbon in it.