Friday, November 16, 2007

Why I Love Kaitlyn

I have been inspired by Amy so I am going to write why I love my kids too...I will do one each day so they each feel special and I don't play favorites.
Kaitlyn, 7, I love her so much. She probably hears it the least since she is older and is more independent. She is an amazing reader and is very smart. She loves to play teacher after school and she repeats things she has heard at school in random order so it doesn't make any sense but it is so cute.
She loves babies. She always has. She gives my baby niece and nephew sweet hugs and kisses every few minutes when they are here. She always brings up that we should have one more baby so we can have six like my brother and sister.
She is so small and many people notice it and talk about it and she acts like she is the biggest person in the world. She talks about when she is a grown up and she will be this tall and it will never happen but she doesn't know it.
She is very sensitive. She will cry if something happens to a character on T.V. or in a book or someone she knows. She recognizes emotions in other people and is a good friend.
She gives very thoughtful prayers and remembers everyone.
She helps out. She works hard.
Her laugh is great! She has a great sense of humor. Her voice is hilarious and she has an accent! Don't even ask me how to do it.
She is my sweetheart. I love her! What a great daughter.


Amy said...

This was so sweet! Grace misses having Kaitlyn around every time we get together with the family.