Thursday, December 6, 2007

Its Beginning To Feel A Lot Like...Christmas!

Okay, the Christmas season has officially started. We have received our first Christmas card of the season and once again it is from our good friends: the Childs in Parker, CO. Without fail for at least the past three (probably more) years she (Holly) has been the first person we have a received card from. Love it! Their family is so cute. I love hearing from them...Holly if you are reading this...We love you. Ours should be getting there soon. Just as soon as I mail them! haha We look forward to hearing from many more of you (in the form of Christmas cards). Emails are nice and comments on the blog are good but Christmas cards...are an whole other joy!
Merry Christmas!


Holly said...

Oh good! I'm so glad to hear that you got the card! When I went to drop them off at the PO, I think I jammed their mailboxes (I had 75+ cards to's what happens when you move around as much as us...anyway...) and I had nightmares that the PO workers couldn't get them out of the mailboxes and decided just to trash them! hahaha! ;o)