Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Trivia, and Problem Children (the novel)

First off, some Easter trivia...I have been reading several blogs and comments about how early Easter was this year. I agree, but yesterday I had visiting teachers come and tell me how Easter is determined (when it will be) each year... Get ready. Okay to start maybe everyone should just cross their eyes and stand on their heads. Trust me. It will help.
Every year Easter falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the first day of Spring.
Hope that clears things up...clear as butter.

Oscar the grouch has nothing on Madelyn.
Now, I feel a little guilty about this gripe but I have to get it out. I have a problem child. I should have known she would be the one to give me all the stress because she was a perfect baby. So easy. Well, I am now mourning the loss of my darling little angel. Okay that sounds like she died; which she did not. But her perfection has died. In my post yesterday I mentioned that Madelyn has "branched out." What I mean is that she is becoming less concerned about what is right and wrong. She just does what she wants. If we punish her, she shrugs it off. Even if we reward her for good stuff, she is aloof. (Love that word.)
The other day we had a scare. My sister was here and we were planning on going to the store but needed to get things in order before we left all the kids with her husband. After several minutes (or longer) Megan said to me,"Where's Madelyn?" I didn't know. We thought all the girls were playing together but when we checked, the other two didn't know where she was. Kaitlyn said she was outside. Okay. I didn't hear the door open up for out back, but I went to check and she was not there. I thought about the front yard and checked there. No Madelyn. I had the thought to look in the car even though I could see in it from the door. I went over and looked through the windows in the back and the front. I couldn't see her. I thought to open the front door. There she was standing in the driver's seat, beat red, sweating and crying. I hadn't seen her through the window. I brought her inside and gave her some water to drink and poured water on her head to cool her down. In AZ every year many children die from being locked inside the car in the heat. I have no idea how long she had been in that car but we got lucky. We had a talk about not getting in the car without Mommy or Daddy. And I now keep the car locked at all times and the child locks are off in the back. It all turned out fine. I had such fear of losing this child that is mine.
That lasted about one day. Yesterday after I had sent the kids to bed, Kaitlyn came out to me and said she found chocolate under her bed. I thought it was chocolate candy or maybe cake which would have been bad. When I went in to check, I found a puddle of Hershey's Chocolate Syrup on the floor just under their bed. What? I looked around and found the bottle which I thought was completely gone in an unusual (even for us) haste. I also found a bag of chips, Jeff's Easter candy and keys to the house (?) Mostly I was concerned about the syrup which I had no idea how long it had been there or whatever. And it was time for bed so I might have to postpone cleaning it.
Madelyn is our sneak and our thief and our guiltless child. I knew who had done this. She could not answer why. I told her I didn't want her in my life anymore. I know. Harsh. Especially after the other day, right. Well, I was/am thisclose to finding a good boarding school for her and shipping her out. I am at a loss as to what to do with her. Will her starting school in the fall help or will they say they don't want her? Will she be in the principal's office everyday? I don't even know where any boarding schools are except for the Deaf ones and Heaven only knows what kind of trouble she could get into at one of those. I told her today that she had to stay in the same room as me all day...(bathroom, shower etc) and no toys...She cannot be trusted. I do love her. I am just at a loss. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks!


Jeremy & Rachel said...

I came across your blog somehow and now I check in on you guys often and I LOVE it! I can hear you saying all of it! You inspire me to be a better "blogger." So two things- Madelyn will probably be absoulutely fine in school. Last year in Kindergarten I had a lot of parents surprised I said their kid was "so good" because they were "difficult" at home. I think that's just because kids know how to push parent buttons and have more opportunity to do it. Hold out a few more months for school to start. I know it doesn't curb the frustration but she sure is cute. :) Second, did anyone tell you how to find someone? I'm trying to find an old roommate and can't.
Sorry for the long comment. I love seeing what you guys are up to! (Our blog is www.gwinland.blogspot.com if you want any of our happenings.)

Holly Child said...

Oh how scary about Madelyn! I'm glad you found her in time!! One of my biggest fears ever is losing one of my children! I get all kinds of stressed out just thinking about it!! Hopefully things will even out when she starts school! But, I do remember that's about the time Zoe started getting much more sassier?! Who knows! I hope it all works out! :o)

Frasure Family said...

I am so happy to read your blog adn read about the kids and think of the things that I have to look forward to. My parenting philsophy is to be firm and consistent and to love them! As far as shipping her off, I would take her. I will help get her ready for kindergarten and help her to listen! Well I would try. Do you ever watch supernanny?? it is one of my favorite shows.

The Waits Gate said...

Hey Monica-
We used to have same problems with Gavin. No response to praise or punishment just he could stand what ever we gave him and wasn't motivated by praise, rewards, etc. He was also VERY whiny and never really wanted to really run with the kids. He got tired. He did fine in preschool. His teachers loved him and his behavior was awesome. So what was I doing wrong at home?
At his next doctor's appt. the doctor took his blood for testing just as part of his check up we hadn't mentioned anything. It turns out he was anemic. He started iron supplements and his behavior began to respond. Not that he isn't still sneaky, but he is certainly more pleasant to be around.
With iron, a little naughty step, love, support, and praise for things he does right(which we had tried already)he has come along way. It could be that she's just plain tired. Anyways, you might want to watch to see if she's getting enough iron. Not like you don't have to watch her enough already! Love, AMelia