Monday, March 24, 2008

What A Difference A Day Makes...

Last week was Spring Break for my nieces and nephews in Mesa. My sister, Megan, and her family decided to come over here and go camping before our Easter festivities. They got all packed and headed up the mountain for a couple days. I decided it would be fun for us to go up and see them. Its only about 30 minutes from our house so on Friday we put together a lunch and some treats and water and headed up.
Monkey in a tree.

Clearly the kids had fun. Madelyn has decided she is a monkey and is now climbing anything she can. At home we have a six foot block wall around our back yard and she has scaled that thing twice and then had other kids come running in yelling, "Come quick, Madelyn is stuck!" Don't ask me how she does this being a grand total of 33 inches tall. She climbed up this tree and I told her to get down, then I told her to go back up so I could take this picture then she could get down.

Dirty Kaitlyn posing...

It was fun and everyone got incredibly dirty. I just don't get it. You say the word camping and next thing you know there is mounds of dirt in your house. Not my cup o' tea. Thats for sure.

Bronson loves to take a picture and then look at himself. He puts on his "good boy" face.

Then for a quick change of pace we expect our kids to be dolled up and fancy for Easter Sunday church a day later. Not to mention that after Megan's family was done camping, they all came to our house to stay. We had seven dirty kids, a ton of dirty laundry and smells that don't belong in civilized boundaries. But they all got squeaky clean and we turned out pretty darn presentable for church...Thank goodness.

Don't mind the cheeseball on the right.

Here are my three in their Easter clothes. This is Bronson's first suit. He got a three piece for Christmas but it did not include the jacket. This included shirt, tie, vest, jacket and pants...Really cute. They clean up nice.


Holly Child said...

They do clean up nice!!! SO CUTE!! And their curly hair is gorgeous! How long did it take you to do that?! Bronson's personality reminds me alot of Alex!!

mahonica (you ugly) said...

Holly~it takes about a half hour for the two of them combined. I just use the sponge rollers and they sleep on them. Kaitlyn has a ton of hair and hers is usually not dry after 12 hours. I have to dry it with a hairdryer first. They hate it. I love it. And it makes Sunday morning easy getting ready. I think Bronson and Alex would be cute friends.