Monday, March 31, 2008

Wonderful Friends And Family

This is just a quick "Thank You" to all of you who have sent encouraging comments regarding my Madelyn. I have been thinking about all of them. I am sure they will help us out. I am considering making her take a nap/quiet time every day to see what that produces. (This will also be nice when it is just me and Bronson to already have that time established.) Also, I have been giving her things to do...Not consistently, but occasionally I will say,"Madelyn, will you please bring me the..." and she seems to not mind. We are also going to start getting her "ready" for helping her learn to write her name, learning the numbers, alphabet (which she knows already but reinforcing it) also her address and phone number...all the things they expect kids to know when they walk in the door. Hopefully these things will just keep her busy enough to not get into trouble.
And BTW in case you were wondering...I am a perfectly reasonable mother who does not over-react to anything that goes wrong in my house...all the trouble kids get into here is definitely warranted.


Holly Child said...

The summer before Zoe started K, I found some Kindergarten Workbooks (like at Target, in their coloring book section). She would work on those a little bit during the day, and that helped her too!

Cheramie said...

I think you are totally an awesome mom and person and you make me laugh. I am sorry that she is giving you such grief...I too am dealing with crazy child syndrome. By the way, you don't need to send a gift! I did miss having all my friends there at my shower! I miss you guys! Cher.