Wednesday, April 2, 2008

What's Wrong With This Picture???

Prediction: This post will be personal for a few, but also funny, exciting and interesting for others...I think I will send cookies to the fire department in appreciation of this act. While driving home from work two weeks ago I noticed about 12-15 firefighters in full gear on top and surrounding a certain run down house. As I slowly drove by I thought, "They are going to tear down that house." Alas, I drove by a couple days later and nothing had changed. Then the next week when I went to work I noticed that it had been boarded up. "That's it? " thought I. That house needs to come down. Then yesterday I was going to work (this house is on my way to work~and since I don't normally go that way anymore, I only see the house on the way to work) I drove by and almost did not even notice that the house was no more. As I did notice, I pulled around and examined the scene briefly. How exciting. They finally brought it down. It looks to me as though they burned it down. SWEET!

This morning when it was light again, I drove by to take pictures. Why? You ask. Well, as a matter of fact, my brother used to live in this house!!! I really wish I had taken pics when they boarded it up or before. Then you could see the dive that it was. But just picture a little college house with two rooms and a kitchen and a little front room. About 500 square feet. The bathroom was magically hanging onto the house by a thread. Like they added it after the house was built and used one nail. And I don't even remember a shower, just a toilet. Better than the other way around I guess! The windows were broken and the floor had holes in it. Anyway, yes my brother lived in it. CRAZY! The house I used to live in in college (down the street from this one) has also been torn down. It was pretty bad too. There is now a gas station/mini-mart there. I wonder what they will put in the place of this one.


meghannamarie said...

I can't believe they actually tore (burned) the house down! It was a cute little house when it!?! I guess I might have a little attachments to it too though!

Kenny said...

I can't believe it!!! What terrible news. Yeah, I know there was no heat or insulation and on really cold days my roommates and I used to huddle around the oven for warmth. And there was no carpeting and in the bathroom no flooring at all, the walls were made of particle board, but I really liked that place. At one point I thought about buying it for when our boys go to college (since we know they will be attending EAC).

mahonica (you ugly) said...

Kenny~You crack me up!