Monday, April 7, 2008

My Faves From Conference

I know we are told not to have our favorite general authorities, but you ask any member of the church and they will tell you who their favorites are...Here are some of mine.

Pres. Dieter F. Uchtdorf: He has an amazing spirit. When he spoke on Sunday morning, I could not take my eyes off the T.V. I clung to every word. I have liked him ever since he was first sustained to the Twleve, but after this conference, he is even higher on my list of faves.
Jeffrey R. Holland: I loved what he said about Pres. Monson receiving his mantle of authority with such grace. Also Elder Holland continued his talk from the previous conference which was nice for this reason. Jeff and I were asked to talk in church a couple of weeks ago and to use Elder Holland's talk from the Oct. conference as our guide. I read that talk about 30 times and it really got to me after the fifth or sixth time. I love the simple truths.
What woman/mother/wife didn't love Elder M. Russell Ballard's talk? THANK YOU! I love how these dear men so thoughtfully and sincerely express gratitude and appreciation for people; in this case mothers. I only hope that the men we sit next to who are also listening (hopefully not sleeping during this one) take it in and will apply what has been said. I am grateful for my husband. I know that he does appreciate me and the work that I do, but maybe a little something extra once in a while. Once again, "Thank you Elder Ballard!"
President Thomas S. Monson: This is the man whom I have listened to in conference for as many years as I can remember. The ONLY memories of talks I actually heard or listened to during my youth are of Pres. Monson. We would always play at Grandma's house while the grown-ups listened to conference. But I remember from a very young age his stories and principles taught. As Elder Holland said, I too noticed a difference in him as he spoke this time. He was the same man I have always looked forward to hearing and his stories/messages were, as always, profound. However, he has a different spirit about him. He is the prophet. I love that he asked us to pray for him. How can one not love this man?
Honorable mention: Pres. Eyring: I love his voice. He exudes intelligence. Elder Perry: A long time favorite because of his smile. I did not realize that he is next in line after Pres. Packer. I love how he talks, too, out of the side of his mouth like Popeye. And Elder Cook: I read about him in the April Ensign and my respect for him went through the roof. Totally a new fave.
Good stuff. I look forward to the Ensign coming next month and to hearing from these gents more and more. Thank you for helping me increase my testimony of many principles and truths.


Joseph, Erin, Sarah, 'Lil Joe and Muloki the Wonder Dog said...

Hi! I am so sorry this has taken so long! Yes you did find me erin witters christal taggart's sister. You left a post on my blog a while back. Drop me a line if you get a chance! I can't believe how big and cute your kids are! Erin emwitters at gmail dot com

Cheramie said...

Hey there, I hope you like Dan in Real Life...if not blame Jeff =)
I was just telling Korryn the other night how much I missed you guys and how I wish we could go see a late night movie! Will you ever come up again for a visit?

Frasure Family said...

I agree! Conference was wonderful! I appreciated Elder Ballards talk so much. It was what I needed to hear and also eric!