Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My Boy

My son is all boy! He likes to rough house and he just plays differently than the girls do. For instance, the other day, we were at my parents and the kids were putting all the toys back in the box and Bronson put the last of the toys in. When he finished, we threw himself on the top to make sure the lid was locked in place. Also last night, the girls were trying to pry the lid off the box with Mega blocks in it. Bronson comes over and rips the lid off with all his force. This reminds me of one more story, then I will get to the point: When we lived in Fort Collins, Bronson could not have been one year old yet. He had only just started walking. (He did start walking at 8 1/2 months which further illustrates this message.) We were all sitting in the family room and watching t.v. Madelyn positioned herself right in front of the t.v. and would not move. Jeff kept saying, "Madleyn, move." over and over again and she just wasn't listening. I was watching Bronson during all this and he just kept looking at Jeff when he would say "move" and then he would look at Madelyn to see if she would do it. Which she didn't. Finally about 10 minutes into it, Bronson just goes over to where Madelyn is and lifts her up and moves her out of the way! I'm serious. The kid was about 11 months. old. He is just made differently.

That however, does not make up for the fact that he does have two older sisters who have their ways and do their thing. They are both all girl. Bronson just wants to play with his sisters. He has an imagination just like any kid. He knows when they pretend, he will always be the prince or the horse or the puppy. But occasionally he goes in to their room all by himself and comes out looking like this...I am sorry to him that we don't have more dress up stuff for boys. However, I think that even if we did he would wear these things. Because that is what the girls wear when they play. Please allow me one more story: When he got the pajamas he is wearing in the top pic, he was pulling up the pants and said without anyone putting the idea in his head first, "I am a ballerina. I wear tights." Wha? What? I know he will be normal. I have to repeat it in my head many-a-day. I mean, every time I have seen him play with a doll, he has been dragging it by the head or foot over concrete or broken glass. That's gotta be a sign, right? He will be normal, right?

One more picture for good measure.


Cheramie said...

Your kid looks great in a dress...just kidding! He looks like mini Jeff...I along with my 2 little sisters dressed our little brother up like a girl all the time...we called him Samantha (instead of Summit). The only thing wrong with the kid is a shoe fetish(don't worry, no girl shoes though). It could be worse =)

Korryn Cook Bernhardt said...

hee hee hee hee hee!! AHH, he looks so cute though!! I wouldn't worry too much, my boys seem to like wearing my shoes, and then throw them at each others heads. It's all good fun! miss you!

Holly Child said...

I laugh at how much we live the same life! Alex is the same way...I caught him smearing lip gloss all over his lips this morning and thought, "Geez...we need to get more cars in this house!!!" ;o) Bronson is such a handsome kid!

Frasure Family said...

oh my goodness that is too funny!! It makes me wish we loved closer, so I could know him better. Just think if Jeff was the youngest and not the oldest. He would have not cut our barbies hair but played with them. He does look so much like jeff.