Friday, March 14, 2008

I Once Was Lost, But Now

Recently I have had people "finding" me...I have received several emails from old friends who have said they found me on the web. I am actually very happy about this b/c it relieves me to know that some people actually remember me. I always get really sad when I run into someone who I knew (at some time) in the past and I act like, "Oh, wow I can't believe its you..." and they are like, "Do we know each other?" This actually happened with one of my old roommates. I mean come on! So, I am glad to know that some people think of me on occasion and recently have thought about where I might be now. Its cool, but what I want to know is HOW? After the first person got in touch, I went to the web to look up names of people I was curious about and it got me nowhere. I searched in the google search bar. Is this the wrong place? I also did an advanced search using Googleblog search...nothing. I have looked under maiden names and married names and any nickname that might apply...nothing...I even searched my own name to see how these peeps found me and I got nothing. Will someone please impart on me some of their wisdom. I want to stalk my old friends just like I have been stalked. I mean what the heck is the internet good for if you can't stalk an old friend here and there?
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Kandice & Rob said...

I googled you. :)

After I started my blog & added some girls from my ward, I wondered if any of my old friends had blogs. I typed in something like "monica and jeff hatch blog" and you guys showed up on someone else's blog list.

I clicked on it and there was a picture of a mini-Mo so I knew it was either you or your clone!

Korryn Cook Bernhardt said...

Monice, I'll NEVER forget you.....:)!