Sunday, April 20, 2008

Finally Tagged Again!

Today is stake conference which means "church vacation" for us. Don't judge me. I have no desire to deal with the three kids by myself for two hours of actual church (meaning sitting down being reverent) since Jeff is working today. Also (almost as a gift from above) I woke up with a cough and sore throat.
I was tagged by Kandice Antelope which made me happy since I have been left out of some others' tagging fun! Thanks Kandice!
Here's how it works:
1. Answer the questions about the list of friends and/or family on your blog.
2. If you don’t have the # of names that the question asks, answer the question about the next name that you have not had a question for on your list. ( try readin' that cross-eyed)
3. Tag your friends/ family.

Okay before I start I want to admit that I beefed up my blog for this tag by adding a few other people I know have blogs. Some of them I used to check from another blog's link. Also I cheated but I am not going to say how...for my own personal reasons. Also one more thing for some of you reading...I am brutally honest and it might get personal. Its all in good fun though. AND one more thing I do love all you guys and am happy to have you on my blog list.

>When did you first meet the 1st person on your list? I met "Mitch" in quotes the day I got home from my mission because she married my brother Kenny while I was out.
>What do you like about the 4th person on your blog's list? Amy W. is a cousin. I call her a cousin b/c that is what she is, but in Jeff's family they would make me refer to her as the wife of one of my cousins-in-law. Anyway, she is hilarious. I love how she writes and puts life into a perspective.
>What do you like best about the 6th and 7th people on your list? Brandi is ... the wife of my first true love...Aaron. The man of my dreams quite literally since I dream about him about once a month for the last oh, 15 years. I don't know why. Also I have probably never or maybe once dreamt about Jeff since I met him 9 years ago. I am LOL as I type but its true. Don't think too much of it, Aaron. Unless you know a good shrink. Aaron (Brandi's husband) was my first boyfriend and kiss. Seriously a very long time ago. Obviously it didn't work out but we remained friends and now I secretly stalk them by reading their blog! I like Brandi b/c she seems to be a very good mom and a lot of fun. Creative and cute also come to mind. I like Aaron b/c he's rich and famous and he told me if I ever said I didn't like him he would hunt me down.! j/k Cher is a great friend from Fort Collins, CO. I LOVE her sarcasm and humor. She also introduced me to Alias which I am eternally grateful for.
>How long have you known the 9th person on your list? Holly was the first person I met and became friends with after I got married in 1999. We hit it off at a Christmas party given by some other people and it seemed as though we were twins separated at birth (except for the fact that she already had a twin) but we had/have practically everything in commom. She hates school/reading/work...I do too. Shortly after she had a bad day at work and I heart-attacked her door (I know) and that was it...Her husband thought the hearts were for him. AS IF!
>What impresses you about the 11th and 14th people on your list? Jaqueline is another great friend from FC. We met in 2004 and I was infatuated with her. Everything I learned about her I would get on the phone and tell my sister. "Jaqueline says that people have either a round butt or a square butt." or "Jaqueline will only eat at a restaurant once." or "Jaqueline takes 30 minutes to order at a restaurant." "Jaqueline says that fat people shop at Wal-mart and skinny people shop at Target." Everything about Jaqueline impresses me. She has 6 kids. She homeschools all of them. She does 4-H, scouts, gardening, quilting. She is friends with witches and relatives with felons...She was raised a Catholic and makes Ukranian eggs for lent. I love her. Korryn is also a great friend from FC. I think I met her at about the same time as Jaqueline and Cher...She is HILARIOUS. Love her humor too. I love that Korryn runs a mad house. Her boys are awesome and they keep her busy. She also does tons...She is over head start, in the stake YW presidency and does like room-mom stuff. She also has a baby girl who is adorable and busy. Her husband is a work-a-holic who loves mosquitos which means when she actually sees him she is putting a balm on his arm from feeding mosquitos like the purists. Hopefully the PHD gets done soon, huh? She also quilts; which is big.
>What is a memory you have with the 23rd person on your list? Don't have a I get to pick...I will do #12 and #18: Kandice Antelope is from Miami (AZ that is) which is about two miles from my hometown of Globe, AZ. We grew up in the same stake and one thing I remember about K.A. is her sense of humor...It is in a league of it's own...Once at a seminary activity we all had to bring a white elephant gift...Kandice Antelope brought Bean-O...Also when we lived together in college she would use her artistic talents to "punk" people in the house. Like when she added an "H" to the box of Ritz Air Crisps so it read "Hair Crisps" You could not tell that it was not part of the original packaging...She is awesome. Why do I call her Kandice Antelope? B/C that is her name. Rachel (my twin) is also a GFFFC (great friend from Fort Collins) the thing I rememeber most about her is that one day I went to a baby shower at the Stake President's house...The next week in church the stake President's wife came up to Rachel and was telling her how funny she was and that she had a good time with her at the party...Rachel was like, huh? Then she came up to me and asked if I had gone to their house. We were always getting mixed up. We do look a lot alike. She is awesome.
>Say something nice about the 27th person on your list. Again I get to pick...I don't have anything nice to say about the rest of I am sorry! j/k Some that were left out were all my family members Amelia-is Jeff's step-sister and she is very smart and fun. Kimmy-is Jeff's sister and is a very clean and organized person hahaha! She is also an awesome teacher and scrappbooker and very kind. Mega-baby-is my baby sister. Which means her whole life has been blessed. She is a good mom and pretty funny although compared to the rest of the family she is ranked almost last...I said almost. She is not a very good secret keeper. Oh yeah, keeping it nice. Mormon 326-is Jeff's sister and is a new mom and before that she was an awesome preschool teacher/social worker. She is very creative and motherly. And if it wasn't for her having a 16th birthday I never would have met my hot husband Jeff!
Thanks to all who particpated. We try to include as many as we can but unfortunately we just don't have the time for all of you...Okay, okay...four more GFFFCs are Andrea O. who I only came across her blog a couple days ago but it was fun to read about them. Erin Witters who I read occasionally to see their cute kids. Sarah who will be moving back to CO very soon after her husband finishes up law school. She is also one of the first people I met and became friends with in FC. and Zach/Lisa who we met while in the Fc 1st Ward. They are also fun and awesome.
Thanks for reading!
Now I tag everyone!


Chris and Kim said...

i only say that, which its not bad, but when thats all people say about me when they tell about me to other people, i kind of get depressed. i would like to be known as more than just a clean and organized person.

Korryn Cook Bernhardt said...

I miss you! (sniff, sniff)

Holly Child said...

LOL...I forgot about that heart attack on my door! Did Jeff really think it was for him?! And I say "As if" as well! ;o)