Tuesday, June 17, 2008

In Need Of A Face Lift?

You all remember a while back when I posted about selling our old suburban "Sulley?" Well, I am posting this picture again b/c it is also a good pic of how sad our yard was. If you will notice, Sulley is parked right in front of our door. Like you had to ease out sideways when you opened the door to leave. Not to mention that any time other people visited us, they also would park right up there. I mean I guess a gravel front yard has no pretenses about being special or worthy of appreciation. To those of you who did park on our yard, I am not mad I am just saying. Anyway, here is our yard now. We (read: I-with the help of my dad) spent most of the spring raking out the rocks and pulling up the plastic underneath it; which previously had blocked all the weeds from coming up. But you can't have grass with plastic underneath. This project was a bear. I still have blisters on my hands from all the raking and sifting etc. Yes, it is still a little bit yellow from us going out of town and cutting down on the watering, but I am making up for that now and hopefully it will be green again soon.

I am proud of it. This did wonders for the curb appeal of our house. We even had people from the neighborhood as they were driving by yell out their windows how good it looked in comparison to before. And it also provided a specific boundary for where cars and other vehicles are permitted to park. We still haven't had one person pull right on up to the door over the grass. Jeff now parks on the side under the tree and there is still plenty of room in front of the grass for other visitors.

All in all it was a good thing to do and I am glad it is done so that when we are ready to sell we won't have to do it then. But man was it hard work. I really do love it though.


Amy said...

It looks awesome!

You're the third friend of mine who's blogged today about their lawn! It must be that time of year.

Frasure Family said...

WOW! It looks great! I love those palm tree bushes (I'm sure they have some name). Good Work!

Korryn Cook Bernhardt said...

looks good Monica!! Are those giant pavers for your sidewalk? It looks nice!

Kandice & Rob said...

It's cute! What a huge project!