Wednesday, July 30, 2008

You're The Boss. I Gotta Do What You Tell Me!

By popular demand, I have been asked to do 50 Friends lines. This took less than half the time it took to do the other one...What was I thinking? And I think I got more than 50 so we'll see how it goes.

1. Have you kissed her yet?
2. You gave my dad a lap dance.
3. Weren't you the poster boy for gonorrhea?
4. Now I've seen everything.
5. I feel blue.
6. How YOU doin'?
7. That's two down, one to go, Joey hahahahaha!
8. I'm a Tribbiani and Tribbiani's quit.
9. Monica is wearing her granny panties.
10. No, he visited a town a little south of Throw Up.
11. You know I'm afraid of little girl ghosts.
12. I used to be Bryce on All My Children.
13. Why am I always pregnant when she does that?
14. I am always the hostess.
15. (muffled) I'm stuck in an ATM vestibule with Jill Goodacre.
16. I do! Well, that oughta do it.
17. You're gonna have to do it in the mess.
18. That would be the work of a blowfish.
19. I miss my sexy phlegm.
21. Your mother's right. I do look like an a$$.
22. Would you be my dancing partner?
23. We took our apartment back.
24. Oh look! Ugly naked guy has a friend.
25. We just fogged his yeti a$$.
26. I just want to be married again.
27. I can hear the voices in my head again.
28. Besides nothing goes with Bing so I'm screwed.
29. It's what's underneath her sweater that counts.
30. By the way, Y-O-U-apostrophe-R-E spells "you are" Y-O-U-R spells "your!"
31. I found our birth mom.
32. Do me a favor. Never call me from that phone.
33. You kissed my best Ross.
34. I hated you when we were kids.
35. It's Fergie, baby!
36. Do you know where we could get some marijuana?
37. You mean you did the routine from eighth grade?
38. I won't lie to you. It doesn't look good.
39. Itchiban. Lipstick for men.
40. I just had a little nubbinectomy. Two nipples, no waiting.
41. Its okay. I got good boobs.
42. I can't believe you moved the green ottoman.
43. She hates Pottery Barn?
44. Show him your bra. He's scared of bras. Can't work 'em.
45. I bet she's looking up at us right now and smiling.
46. You kissed a guy?
47. I Ross take thee Rachel...Emily
48. He's her lobster.
49. My boyfriend doesn't have a thing.
50. I want to keep one.
51. You were my midnight mystery kisser?
52. I got off the plane.
53. I actually used the phrase, "huminah, huminah, huminah."
54. Frank likes Frank Jr. Jr.
55. I just spent the last hour helping an 80 year old woman try on a thong and she didn't even buy it.
56. Has anybody seen my left boob?
57. I gotta get to work I've got a big dinosaur bone to inspect.
58. She taught me about smell the fart acting.
59. The world is my lesbian wedding.
60. Oh look, bear over board!
61. Monica couldn't tell time until the was thirteen.
62. I can't remember which sister.
63. Joanna's such a big dull dud.
64. You NEVER run on a barge!
65. Joey, what did you do after you threw her leg on the fire?
66. I said share not SCARE!
67. What's the opposite of man? Jam!
68. Relax. Take a look around. There are no pagan alters.
69. My monkey is out of control.
70. Can open. Worms everywhere.
71. I finally have my band.
72. I was Susie Underpants until the 11th grade.
73. I don't know how to tell you this...I'm straight.
74. I like Steve. Schzteve's schzexy.
75. Guess whose middle name is Muriel.
76. I am not going to tell you how much they spent on that wedding, but $40,000 is alot of money.
77. Get off my sister!

78. (mouthing) I hate you.

1. Joey to friends about Janine

2. Monica to Chandler (Chauncy)

3. Ross to Joey when they were both on a date with Kristen

4. Phoebe finishing her dead massage client, Mrs. Adelman's, business.

5. Rachel to Monica and Phoebe about Ross marrying Emily

6. Joey to all women

7. Janice to Joey about briefly dating Ross

8. Joey to Rachel about learning to sail The Mr. Beaumont

9. Joey to friends about Monica's laundry day

10. Chandler to Monica about Ross on the Magic Mountain ride at Disneyland

11. Joey to Chandler and Monica about buying a house out of the city

12. Gunther to Joey about taking a job after acting

13. Phoebe to herself about Rachel running back to the airport to fly to London

14. Monica in her sleep about living in the less desirable boys apartment.

15. Chandler to Joey on the phone during the blackout

16. Rachel in a wedding dress to Joshua to really scare him off

17. Joey to Ross about dating a dirty girl

18. Monica to friends about going backstage at a Hootie and the Blowfish concert

19. Phoebe to friends about losing her cold

20. Ross to Rachel any time he and Rachel talked to each other after season three

21. Jack Gellar to Ross and Monica when he gave Monica the porsche

22. Treager to Joey to make up for evicting the girls

23. Monica and Rachel to Chandler and Joey after they went to a Knicks game

24. Joey to friends about seeing (Ross) across the alley

25. Rachel to Joey about seeing a scary man in the basement

26. Ross in the pilot about finding out Susan is a lesbian and moving out

27. Phoebe to herself after finally fixing the broken fire alarm

28. Monica to Rachel when she couldn't decide on a name for her baby

29. Joey to Kate about dating the under study (in a sweater)

30. Ross to Rachel about her 19 page (front and back) letter

31. Phoebe to Ursula about their mom who lives in Montac

32. Monica to Joey about having a phone in his bathroom

33. Chandler to his mom about her betrayal

34. Monica to Ross about growing up together

35. Joey to Chandler after a great tourist-y day in London

36. Rachel's mom when she visits Rachel and tells her she's leaving her father

37. Rachel to Ross and Monica about their dance on Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve

38. Phoebe to friends about Monica's haircut

39. Joey in a Japanese commercial

40. Chandler to friends about removing the source of his comedic power

41. Rachel to Monica and Phoebe about coming out of her dress when meeting Joshua's parents

42. Phoebe to Rachel after she cleans Monica's apartment all by herself

43. Ross to Rachel about Phoebe liking one-of-a-knd furniture

44. Joey to Phoebe about making Chandler cave and tell them he's dating Monica

45. Phoebe to friends about her dead grandmother and the chocolate cookie recipe

46. Monica to Chandler when they are getting out all their secrets

47. Ross to Emily at their wedding

48. Phoebe to friends about Ross and Rachel being meant for each other

49. Monica to Richard about finding out he has no compulsive obsessions

50. Phoebe to Rachel about keeping one of the triplets

51. Monica to Ross about being kissed in 1991 at a college party

52. Rachel in the finale when she decides to stay in NYC to be with Ross

53. Monica to Ross about meeting Mark (from Bloomingdale's)

54. Alice to friends about the names they want for the babies

55. Rachel on the phone to Monica about hating her job

56. Monica to friends about her bimbo costume for the diner

57. Chandler to friends confusing himself with Ross

58. Joey to friends about work on Days Of Our Lives

59. Chandler to Joey about no women being interested in him

60. Stoned Jon Lovitz to Monica while interviewing her for a chef's position

61. Ross to Chandler while airing more secrets

62. Chandler to friends about fooling around with one of Joey's sisters

63. Chandler to Rachel about going on a date with her boss

64. Phoebe to Monica about playing with ex-partner Leslie when they were girls

65. Monica to Joey after finding out why he won't face his old flame

66. Ross to Chandler about bonding with guys

67. Monica to friends about how she's going to get over Richard

68. George Clooney (Dr. Mitchell) to Noah Wiley (Dr. Rosen) about Monica and Rachel being normal women

69. Ross to friends about Marcel acting out

70. Chandler to Joey roommates about annoying habits

71. Frank Jr. after finding out Phoebe is having triplets

72. Julia Roberts to Chandler after he teased her in elementary school

73. Duncan, Phoebe's gay ice dancer husband needing a divorce from Phoebe so he can marry another woman

74. Chandler to Monica about her former boyfriend

75. Ross cheering Rachel up after being dumped

76. Jack Gellar to Ross and Monica about Rachel's wedding

77. Ross screaming through the window when he sees Monica and Chandler going at it.

78. Will Colbert (Brad Pitt) to Rachel at Thanksgiving dinner. Very interesting isn't it...


meghannamarie said...

Great job! I knew you could do it! Now you should do The Cosby Show!Just Kidding!

Holly Child said...

I *heart* Friends!! All those quotes makes me want to pull out the seasons I have on DVD and watch them! I think that last time I did that was the day before I had Alex!! Yikes! ;o)