Friday, August 1, 2008

What Am I Going To Do?

I have gotten into a terrible habit this summer of sleeping in waaayyyy to late each morning. That's one problem in itself but then it turns into me not being all that tired at the end of the day and staying up late at night which makes me too tired to get up early the next morning. Whats the prob? you ask. School starts next Wednesday. I have two kids going to school this year and they both have to be ready by 8:00 (more like 7:55). I don't even remember getting up at 7:00~ish this whole summer which is the time it used to take to get Kaitlyn (alone) up and ready for school by 7:55. I have set my mind this week to try the new morning routine but each morning when I look at the clock at a relatively decent time to wake up. I ignore it and go back to sleep. I need some serious help. Mind over matter, Monica. Repeat it a million times~or until you believe it; which might take longer. Hey, maybe that'll make me fall asleep!


Kandice and Rob said...

I say sleep in while you can! When school starts and you know you absolutely HAVE TO get up, you'll be able to roll outta bed. :)

meghannamarie said...

I second Kandices motion! Don't wake up until absolutly necessary!

Amy said...

I can't believe your kids let you sleep in that late! Can they chat with my kids?

Yeah, I agree with the other posters . . . when you have to, you'll do it, but you'll just be grouchy if you get up for no good reason!

Are you teaching again fall semester?

DeeDee said...

You are soooo cute Monica! I have the same problem, so when you figure out how to get to sleep earlier and wake up earlier let me know!