Monday, August 18, 2008

New Clothes For School!

I forgot to take pics of the kids' school clothes when we got them. So I have been taking pics of them each morning when they are ready for school. This way I can show you how they look wearing the clothes. Much better don't you think? They did get some outfits that are similar or matching but they have not worn them at the same time yet. And Madelyn's P.E. outfit will be worn tomorrow so I will take an additional pic of that tomorrow. Here's the second day of school... The fourth day...Fridays are always Bulldog day and they wear blue and white which were not new outfits so I did not take their pic on the third day.The fifth day...The sixth get where this is going ; )Seventh day... Kaitlyn's P.E. day and I have no idea about her expression.And today...Madelyn picked out that dress all by herself and is so excited to wear it. Bronson called her a princess in it! So far, all we have heard from Madelyn about school is that she played basketball at P.E. last week, she went all the way across on the monkey bars last Friday, she likes Hunter L. (a girl) and Kestin (another girl) and she is the only kid in her class who knows how to write their own name (raised eyebrow). She apparently doesn't like us to know much of what she does at school.
Kaitlyn is doing fine in school. She should be starting the Growth Hormone shots any time now which should give her some good growth badly needed. She will probably be on them for about 8 years...Then onto Estrogen shots after that. Their class is starting a new math program this year and the math book is not a tear out work book. So they have to bring home their book every night for homework. It's huge. It is heavy. I am worried she will not be able to pick herself up onto the bus to get home. There are no other options though. They have math homework every day. One thing though, that girl has some guns. Her muscles are rock hard. Her calves too. Maybe she will be fine.


meghannamarie said...

they are all so cute! I am surprised that Bronson didn't join in on the fun! I can't believe that Kaitlyn is in a textbook for math I am not even sure what Michelle is doing yet I will find out tomorrow for Curriculum night!

Laura said...

TOOOOOOO cute for words! They are darling! Crockett a MOM!! I've gotta see this! LOVE YA!

The Waits Gate said...

they look great! Your girls are cute. Will you be giving the shots? I hope that it goes well for her and helps.

Rachel said...

It's Rachel...I sent you an invite to see my blog.

Your kids are growing up so fast! It's been a long time since I've seen them!