Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I Can't Believe My Life Is This Boring!

Yeah, I know how long it has been since I put anything up here. I have racked my brain for something interesting to write about and absolutely nothing has come to mind for over a week. So in an effort to just get something up I was browsing "my pictures" and came across this home plan I found recently and saved to my computer for future use. I call it Dream Home #1 I love LOVE love the Spanish feel to it. Its a good size, but not HUGE. If I remember correctly it is about 2500 sf. There were some that were about 4,000 square feet~or more~which I just thought I don't want to clean all that. haha I am not sure if you click on these if they will get bigger but if you can see the details, there is a deck or garden on the second floor outside the master suite area...LOVE THAT although I am not sure we would ever put anything out there to use it!

This is the first floor
There is also a terrace and additional porch on the ground level which just seem so great. Mostly what I look for in a Dream House are: 1) Four bedrooms, one for each kid (if we decide that) and one for us 2) a living room and a family room b/c we have furniture for both 3) an additional room for a quilting machine/business which this house does NOT have. I would have to build an additional room for that. One that would match the house and be completely finished inside and out with A/C etc...for a business.

This is the second floor

The master bathroom is a little small but I don't care about that too much. Plus we could always rearrange it a little. I just loved this when I saw it. Notice the balconies and the courtyard. If we ever get a chance to build our own place and actually have whatever we want, this would be at the top of the list.
There now I have updated my blog with a bunch of hooeey that nobody is interested in but me. But at least you don't have to look at the tarantula anymore! Have a great day everyone!


meghannamarie said...

You are funny! Justin and I used to buy floor plan mags to dream too!

Laura said...

Awesome!! It is so fun to have a plan!! Some day it will happen!