Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Book Club!

Last night I had book club after my class. This month was MY turn to host it and pick the book and make the refreshments. All three: firsts for me. I picked Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. Boring, you say? I say Classic.I remember reading it in Jr. High School and loving it. So I thought it would be fun to read it again. Huh. not so much. I got a copy that had alot of footnotes at the bottom; which I liked. Having some explanation for vocabulary and history was helpful. However, it took me forever to read it. Seriously I would read before bed each night and when I was finished I would look at the clock and see that I had read for an hour. Then I would look at the page number and see that I had read five pages. FIVE pages. In ONE hour. Hello, people! That is some slow reading. I would have headaches after reading it and I would be soooo tired. At the book club some people said that they gave up and just watched the movie. And others said that they read the book while watching the movie. Both good suggestions in retrospect. I have actually NEVER seen a movie about R & J (I take that back. I did see West Side Story a while back and see how they are supposed to be similar but I didn't really like it all that much) so I don't think I would have done either of those had I thought of them before. NOW I plan to get the old (1960's) version of the movie and watch it. No Leonardo DiCaprio in 1996. Thank You very much! Not really a fan.I did not have it at my house even though I was the "host." My mom offered her house which meant that I didn't have to clean my house. No brainer. I did however make the desserts. Now, I am not an adventurous person. In the kitchen by far. I did have these recipes which I thought looked yummy and decided to make them. Both for the first time and both the day of the club. No room for error here. The first is called Banana-Sour Cream Cake. Its good and different. And the second is just simple chocolate truffles. They were interesting to make and I probably won't make them again but I had a whim and went with it. I served these with Strawberry Breeze. Its one of our family's favorites and its just in the concentrate isle. I thought the flavor would go well with the banana cake. I didn't do anything fancy with it. Just added water and served with ice.

All said that both desserts were very good; which truly shocked me. I was pretty tired when I got home. I am happy that it is done and that I can just go and visit for a while before its my turn again. It was a fun night and I am proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone (read: into the kitchen) and trying something new.
For the recipes go here: Banana-Sour Cream Cake and here Chocolate Truffles.


Laura said...

Cute! Can I come to your book club?

Rachel said...

Your desserts were very yummy! If you want to watch the movie, let me know...I'll admit that I am one of those who bought (and watched) the movie instead of reading the whole book :)