Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Why We like "Mitch"

Today is my sister~in~law "Mitch"'s birthday. I thought I would post a few things about her and why we like her...

I met "Mitch" in 1998 when I got home from my mish b/c she had married my brother Kenny a few months before that. My first impression of her was that she was tall! I think she is around 5'8" which is TALL for our family. In fact my brother says he is 5'9" just so that people think he is taller than her, but he is not! (Sorry for outing you, Kenny.) The next impressions I got from her were that she was funny and joked alot. This is good since we NEVER say anything of a serious nature. EVER.! She fit right in.
In the last 10 years I have learned that "Mitch" is a very good mom. She manages four busy and crazy boys (not to mention Kenny) and has taught them well. They are great nephews and treat her with so much love and respect. She runs their household like a tight ship. I actually want to steal some of her disciplinary strategies and try them out in my home.
She is also fun...outside of being the mom to four boys. She loves to shop and finds great bargains. You should see her on "Black Friday" Its is inspiring! She LOVES Disneyland. They go as often as they can and she has perfected making her way around the park to whatever they want to do in whatever amount of time they have. They ALWAYS have fun there. When we went last summer she was like our personal tour guide to all the rides and trivia about the park. Fun! She is a girly girl. She always looks great. Lucky Kenny! I might even try to incorporate that into my house too, but we'll see. She is a great wife to Kenny. They get along so well. It is nice to see my brother so happy. She has supported him through alot. Including going to school at night for the last almost five years. Him being the executive secretary for the Bishop and being gone all the time for that. And through several job changes. They have stuck together and remained true friends. Good job! We love you "Mitch" and are happy to call you family!
Happy Birthday "Mitch"!


Laura said...

That was so nice! It's great to love your in-laws!