Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I Fell In Love Again Yesterday!

Kevin. It was not planned but the words he said to me were what I have been longing to hear for so many years. My heart just burst. Again; it was not something I had planned on happening.
Note: I tend to get carried away and overdramatic...please read with a grain of salt!

You see he came over in the middle of the day to appraise our house. We are refinancing. This is a new experience for us. When we bought the house we are in it was appraised but we were not here for it. We just got a huge packet later with all the info. We did not know what to expect.

He came in, walked through, went to the back yard, took alot of pictures and then came in to ask us some questions. How many bedrooms, baths, etc...Then he got intimate. He started asking us about improvements and upgrades we have done in the last year or so...We told him EVERYTHING we have done. We held nothing back.

Paint. Flooring. Trim. Pantry. Closets. All new bathrooms. Furring out walls. New windows. Lighting fixtures. A/C compressor. French doors. Landscaping. etc, etc... Then as he was almost ready to leave he said what a nice house we have.
THEN he said it was "spotless." (sniff, sniff) I will let you all take that in for a minute...This man I have known for only a few minutes stole my heart in.one.breath. I shall never forget his words. He has forever claimed a place in my heart.
Though it cannot go any further...we will always have the appraisal!


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