Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Last Few Days

There are several things we have been doing lately that I just haven't blogged. So here's a recap of recent events.
About a week ago I cut Kaitlyn's hair; just a bit in the back to clean it up. She decided that she would like to have bangs again. I gave her long bangs and then discovered that I do not know how to do long bangs. So on Saturday night I cut them into short bangs. Well, of course, Madelyn had to be like Kaitlyn and decided that she wanted them too. This might have been Sunday morning so I made her wait. And on Monday night after their shower, I gave her short bangs too. I wasn't sure about Madelyn's but I think it turned out very cute! Apparently her best friend at school, Kestin, told her it was cute too!

Its Madelyn's new thing to make a crazy face for her pictures...the other choice I had was eyes crossed!

Sunday night we invited my mom and dad over for dinner. We had alot of chili leftovers from a couple nights before and we needed to get it eaten. We figured out that we could watch the First Presidency's Christmas Devotional on TV and that meant not having to drag three kids to the church in nice clothes again so (duh) we stayed home and watched it. After that we read our Christmas story for the night* and made cookies and hot chocolate. It was a nice and fun night. We were glad Mom and Dad could come over to our place after all the times we have gone there for food.
Unfortunately, I did not take any pics on Sunday night so here is a pic of Temple Square with Christmas lights.
* A couple years ago Mom gave us for Christmas a binder with 25 Christmas stories and an ornament corresponding with each story to hang on the tree. It has become our tradition after scriptures every night to read our Christmas story and hang the ornament on the tree. The kids love it and our tree gets fuller and fuller as Christmas approaches.
This part is for Dave! Monday evening Jeff started processing his deer. It was a pretty small bodied buck so we didn't get a whole lot of meat out of him but we were able to make some burger (as seen here) and get some strip meat and a few steaks. Back in the day our friends Dave and Sarah Kay would come over (or we would go to their place) and we would basically have butchering parties. It was fun and we missed them as we did this alone. The best part was finally being able to have deer meat again. We had fajitas Monday night. Sooo good!

And last night I gave my finals for my classes. I am a pretty easy going teacher and try to make it a fun learning environment. I did review for the final and even gave out a study sheet for them to practice with at home and they still wanted to review before we took the tests. Seriously. Didn't happen. I am so glad to be done with that for a month!


meghannamarie said...

The girls hair is cute! I would have butchered it! That is why I don't cut Michelle's hair!