Friday, January 2, 2009

Funny Kids!

Okay I have to share this story before I forget it.
Last night Jeff and I were trying to watch a movie in the family room so we sent the kids into Bronson's room to play. They were taking turns getting along and fighting. We had to stop the movie several times to go see what was going on. They would occasionally venture out to tell on someone. All at once the three of them came out. Kaitlyn had an excited/happy expression on her face. Madelyn had a mad/sad expression.
Jeff: What's going on?
Kaitlyn (excitedly) I was reading the thing on the bunk bed that says no children under six can get on the top.
J: So what's the problem?
Madelyn: (sadly) I wanna go up there.
Jeff burst out with laughter. Madelyn (almost 6) did not think it was funny. Apparently Kaitlyn was determined to keep this rule. Jeff said Madelyn could go up there; it was fine. And we had to remind Kaitlyn that the bunk bed used to be theirs and she slept on the top when she was four!
It was some welcome comic relief from an other wise borderline boring movie.


meghannamarie said...

Madelyn is funny! what boring movie were you watching?