Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Well, its time for me to get on my soap box again about setting resolutions and improving your lives...Oh yeah. that didn't go over so well last year. I noticed that there were no comments after my rant about writing it down etc...Well, I am here to tell you that a year later... I didn't do so great!
I had ambitious goals for 2008 and looking back I didn't really accomplish what I wanted to in my heart. I am okay; I will try again this year but with realistic expectations. I have also revised a few to be more attainable without changing the objective.
One resolution that I did keep this year was go give up soda. For the entire year of 2008 I did not drink soda. The reason for this was b/c I had heard about people losing weight by kicking the carbonated drinks. I thought I would give it a try. Well, I didn't have any and I gained six pounds! My objective for the year was to lose some weight, (not solely by giving up the soda but partly) not to give up something that I rarely drink. So for this year I am keeping it going but for the mere fact that I know its not great for me. The weight losing will be accomplished through other means.
Some other goals I did really great with until school got out and then my schedule went kapput and though I thought about them dozens of times to re-start where I had left off it never happened. My OCD would kick in and I would tell myself that I couldn't start anew in the middle of the year and starting where I left off was too overwhelming. I had to catch up for the many days left behind. This applied to scripture study, exercising, and many more.
This year I am allowing myself to argue (in my head) that if I fall behind I can just start again wherever I want and still feel good about it. The important thing is to keep trying and improving myself.
I still believe in writing it down. But I think more than that is to have that writing visible. I had to dig out my paper from 2008 to remember what I had set out to do. Not this year. We will have self help stickies all over this house to encourage and remind.


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