Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day...

Well, before too much more time passes, I thought I should post about my Mother's Day this year. Remember last year's post about Mother's Day??? I need to redeem my family and let the world know that I do love them and they do deserve that love. Sorry no pictures in this post...I literally took the day off and did not even try to guide (read: boss, mother) people what to do~including pics for the blog.
Saturday night the kids and I met Jeff at the Walmart when he was coming home from work so we could get food provisions for my Mother's Day breakfast. I decided on breakfast burritos and bought some sausage to go in them (or in case I changed my mind and wanted waffles and sausage). Sunday morning, we slept in a little. Church is at 11:00 so we couldn't prolong things too much. Jeff got up and had the kids help with breakfast. I stayed in bed and finished my book. All the while one at a time a kid would come in and hand me a card s/he had made saying how I am the best. Soon Madelyn came in with a plate and a glass of orange juice. Jeff even went to the trouble to garnish my burritos and make them look pretty and appetizing. Not being the type of person to eat in bed, I took my plate and juice out to the table and we all ate together. It was delicious. Thanks Jeff (and kids) for my yummy Mother's Day breakfast. I laid out the kids clothes (since Jeff needs help in that area) and then got in the shower and got ready for church. Except for doing the girls' hair, I only worried about myself the whole morning.
Church was good. Our ward gave each mother a musical CD made by members of the ward. All the songs were about motherhood and the home. Its pretty nice and unique. I do love getting candy though. :) I got a bunch more cards from the kids after church and Madelyn's teacher even knew about my candy fix and gave me (actually each mother of the children in her class) a Take 5 bar. It was supposed to represent that we would hopefully get a 5 minute break at some point in the day. Thanks! That was nice too! Jeff also wore his pink shirt again for me. I had forgotten about it and I guess now I am required to wear the camo skirt to church on Father's Day. I might let him off the hook from now on. It just doesn't suit him at all!
After church I got to come home and rest again for a while until we went to my mom's house to give her her card and gift as well as a card and gift from my brother Kenny. We stayed longer than we planned but it was fun and when we got home Jeff made dinner. Then we went to see my Grandma and give her a card. She is leaving for Pennsylvania this Wednesday for several months. We wanted to be sure to let her know how much we love her.
While we were at the Walmart, Jeff kept asking me what I wanted for my Mother's day gift. I hadn't thought much about it and didn't want to just decide something on the spot so we agreed that I could pick something out later. So no gifts as of yet...but I will think of something good.
I have tried hard this year to relax and enjoy my kids rather than to be short tempered and frustrated with everything (annoying and bad) they do. I definitely noticed a difference in everyone this year and was able to enjoy the day. I do love my family and each of my children for their individual spirits and talents. I am thankful to have them and to be their mother. I am also thankful for Jeff and that we get to do the parenting thing together. He is great and wonderful and perfect for me.


meghannamarie said...

AHHH! So Sweet, sounds like things were good for you...everyone took care of you congrats!Now I am on my way back to last year, just to remind myself!

Jen said...

Have you made the strawberries yet? I shared the recipe in response to your comment on my post about Mother's Day. I finished mine off yesterday and really enjoyed them! BTW, I had to copy your surfer background since I was thinking of San Diego today! :) I like this background so much that I may have to keep it all summer long...unless they come up with a new one!