Monday, October 12, 2009

While The Cat's Away....

Since it was a four day weekend for the kids and Jeff is on his seven days off right now, he took the kids camping overnight Friday.

I didn't go because I have already been camping twice this year and I am done until about 2018. So I stayed behind.

They had tons of fun and got to go hiking and shooting.

And spend time with Daddy! He loves spending time with the kids too so everyone was happy!

While Jeff was gone with the kids I took full advantage and decided to re~paint the girls' room. Not too long ago I moved their furniture around and noticed how nasty looking their paint looked. This is because when we first moved in I just hurriedly threw paint on all the walls.

He took the camera with him so I didn't take any "before" shots...but I found one we already had. Don't look too closely at the terrible paint job but you get the idea!
Here is an "after" shot with the shelf I bought at a yard sale for $5. I am glad I was able to incorporate it into the room.

I picked out the paint colors to match this comforter set on their bed. Normally I wouldn't pick out a green...but it matched and I do like it!

I love it when everything is uncluttered...too bad that won't last beyond tonight!

AND my favorite touch: I took down the ceiling fan blades to clean them off and decided to try out some decoupaging...I actually found both of these fabrics in my stash and easily cut them out and glued them on. I think it makes the room just that much cuter!


Marisa said...

Wow, that is way cute. I love those colors together!

Kimmy said...

very nice monica. I am impressed! You'll have to teach me some things too!

Jen said...

Looks good! I'm impressed you are such a trooper to paint the room! I know several friends who love to paint the rooms, but I just can't bring myself to do it! Luckily, my hubby understands that and is up for the task when asked! I was thinking you should add some browns/tans as accents in the room and then I saw the pic of the dresser and it has brown on it! I guess I was right on track with what you were thinking! Ha! Anyway, it looks good! Have fun accessorizing...that's my favorite part! :)

mahonica (you ugly) said...

Looks great honey. I wonder what would happen if I took the kids camping for a few days!

Carrick family said...

Hey, you got a cute family!! The girls' bedroom is so cute!! I love pink and green. You are a sweet mom to paint their bedroom while they were away!